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Public relations -_abi_james_cook


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Published in: Education, Business
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Public relations -_abi_james_cook

  1. 1. Public Relations 
  2. 2. What is it?• The main goal of a public relations department is to enhance a company’s reputation. Staff that work in public relations, or as it is commonly known, PR, are skilled publicists.• They are able to present a company or individual to the world in the best light. The role of a public relations department can be seen as a reputation protector.• Public relations provide a service for the company by helping to give the public and the media a better understanding of how the company works.• Within a company, public relations can also come under the title of public information or customer relations.• These departments assist customers if they have any problems with the company.• They are usually the most helpful departments, as they exist to show the company at their best.
  3. 3. What is/are the product(s)?• Reputation of the artist, for example how much their popularity increases.• The artist themselves.• Positive feedback from the public and fans!• How the artist wants to specifically be seen e.g. their image.• If the band wants to appeal to a specific audience that links with their genre of music, for example Punk, they would only want to use photos and stories that show the fans and audience what they want to hear/see.
  4. 4. What factors of price do they have to consider?• Prices of advertising in popular magazines and venues.• Prices of printing reports and posters.
  5. 5. What and how do they promote their product/service?• Promote the artist by word of mouth in meetings and interviews.• Write reports in magazine and on websites about the band and gig reviews.• Merchandise.
  6. 6. What market research do they undertake?• The target market is the general public, as they try to gain as much interest into their artist.• They will try to pitch their focus to the audience their artist will most likely appeal to.• Could include:• Age group• Gender• Culture appeal• Genre of music (fans)
  7. 7. Where do they do their business• In an office.• On a computer.• 
  8. 8. What market research do they undertake?• Other bands in the market and their approach to advertising.• Research into their client.• Research into different marketing strategies.• Research into the best possible advertising opportunities to feature and promote the artist, for example Total Guitar is aimed at Guitarists, therefore if the up and coming artist is a guitarist, this will be a suitable advertising opportunity.