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Teenage dirtbag


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Teenage dirtbag

  1. 1. ! Teenage Dirtbag by Ellie Rawlings ER RECORDS.Ellie Rawlings 2013 - Elite Rocker -
  2. 2. ! 1 INT. CLASSROOM - DAY LONG SHOT of students walking into the room. BULLY walks through door, TRACKING SHOT, goes over to TEACHER and smacks her bum then run to his seat. TEACHER turns around and shouts at the class. MID SHOT of RYAN. RYAN Her name is NOEL. RYAN turns to look back at NOEL, camera PANS to follow his gaze, MID SHOT of NOEL. Camera then PANS back again following RYAN’s gaze as he turns back to face the camera. RYAN (CONT.) I have a dream about her she rings my bell. On the word ‘bell’ RYAN looks to the ceiling as though he hears the bell. RYAN (CONT.) I got gym class in half an hour oh how she rocks, In Keds and tube socks. MID SHOT following RYAN as he stands up, MID LONG/TRACKING SHOT as he walks towards the door and then finally out of it. Just as he takes his first steps out the door BULLY comes and pushes him over. RYAN lying on the floor looks up, camera fol- lows BULLY as he walks up to NOEL and they walk down the hall- way together. Camera goes back to RYAN who is watching as they walk off together. RYAN (Sad) But she doesn’t know who I am. RYAN starts to stand up, brushing himself off. Camera TILT SHOT following as he stands up. RYAN (CONT.) And she doesn’t give a damn about me. RYAN turns and walks down the hall. CUT TO.
  3. 3. ! 2 INT. HALL - NIGHT ESTABLISHING SHOT of stage so you can see the whole band. CLOSE UP of LEAD SINGER. LEAD SINGER ‘Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby. CLOSE UP of GUITARIST 1, followed by other GUITARIST 2 and then finally the DRUMMER, all playing their instruments. LEAD SINGER (Voiceover) ‘Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby. Back to CLOSE UP of LEAD SINGER, looking directly at the cam- era. LEAD SINGER Listen to Iron Maiden baby with me. CUT TO. INT. HALL - DAY LONG SHOT of NOEL and BULLY, BULLY bouncing a ball whilst talking to each other, BULLY looks up and notices RYAN watch- ing them. RYAN (VOICEOVER) Her boyfriends a dick, He brings a gun to school and he’d simply kick CLOSE UP, RYAN quickly looks away but not quickly enough. He then gets hit in the face with the ball that BULLY was hold- ing. RYAN CONT. (VOICEOVER) My ass if he knew the truth. LONG SHOT of RYAN getting hit in the face by the ball and fal- ling off the bench, just lays on the floor. RYAN CONT. (VOICEOVER) He lives on my block, and drives and Iroc. LONG SHOT, RYAN is laying on the floor while BULLY and NOEL walk over him.
  4. 4. ! 3 RYAN CONT. (VOICEOVER) But he doesn’t know who I am, And he doesn’t give a damn about me. CUT TO. INT. HALL - NIGHT CLOSE UP of LEAD SINGER looking directly at the camera, zoom out to see the whole band playing along to the backing track. Match cuts in time with the music showing all different band members and their instruments. LEADSINGER ‘Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby, Yeah I’m just a teenage dirtbag, Listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me. CUT TO. INT. STAIRS - NIGHT MID SHOT, RYAN runs up the stairs pulling off his braces as he goes. RYAN (VOICEOVER) Oh yeah, dirtbag, no she doesn’t know what she’s missin’. CUT TO. INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT MID/LONG SHOT, RYAN throws his glasses and dunks his head un- der the water in the sink to wash the gel out of his hair, lifts his head up and looks at himself in the mirror. RYAN (VOICEOVER) Oh yeah, dirtbag, no she doesn’t know what she’s missin’. CUT TO. INT. HALL - NIGHT LONG SHOT, RYAN bursts through the doors. CLOSE UP of RYAN’s face.
  5. 5. ! 4 MID SHOT, RYAN is sitting by himself on the table, looking around the room to see what people are doing while looking out for NOEL. RYAN CONT. (VOICEOVER) Man I feel like mould, It’s prom night and I am lonely, OVER THE SHOULDER/LONG SHOT, RYAN looks up to see NOEL making her way towards him, surrounded by people dancing. RYAN CONT. (VOICEOVER) Low and behold, She’s walking over to me, CLOSE UP back to RYAN to show his shocked expression, looks around to make sure it is him she is walking to. RYAN CONT. (VOICEOVER) This must be fake, my lips start to shake, LONG SHOT of NOEL walking towards RYAN, all of the people that were surrounding her have disappeared. RYAN CONT. (VOICEOVER) How does she know who I am, And why does she give a damn about me. MID SHOT, of NOEL holding two tickets puts them on the table in front of RYAN. Zooms in to a CLOSE UP of NOEL’s face, speaking to RYAN. NOEL Ive got two tickets to Iron Maiden baby, Come with me Friday don’t say maybe, I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby like you. OVER THE SHOULDER/LONG SHOT, LEAD SINGER facing the crowd singing the chorus, crowd jumping and going crazy/dancing. CLOSE UP, LEAD SINGER looking into the camera. LEADSINGER Oh yeah, dirtbag, no she doesn’t know what she’s missin’.
  6. 6. ! 5 LONG SHOT of NOEL and RYAN holding hands running up the steps in the hall. LONG SHOT of RYAN and NOEL standing in front of the main doors, looking at each other. RYAN (VOICEOVER) Oh yeah, dirtbag no she doesn’t know what she’s missin’. MID SHOT, NOEL takes out the glasses from RYAN’s inside pocket and puts them on his face. Look at each other then lean in and kiss. CUT TO. INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT LONG SHOT, RYAN wakes up in a daze. MID/CLOSE UP, shows RYAN’s face as he is waking up, he then looks at the clock to notice he is late for his prom. LONG SHOT, RYAN jumps off bed as quickly as he can in his dressing gown. He falls as he jumps and lays on the floor not moving, face down. FADE OUT.