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Task 5


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Task 5

  1. 1. Task 5- researchinto similar music magazines on which you could base your magazine. This is a small, independent, A5-sized magazine that is distributed around record shops, bars and venues around the United Kingdom, with a new issue once a month. DIY is dedicated to alternative/indie music and is named after a song by the Scottish indie pop band Bis. It features on both up and coming bands and famous ones that have been around for a while. It was launched in 2002 as an online only publication called ‘This is fake DIY’,and was staffed largely by freelance writing team fromaround the globe. The website includes news, reviews and features about alternative and indie music and bands. In September 2007, DIY was nominated for Best Music Magazine at the annual BT Digital Music awards. And then on the 11th of March 2013, DIY started a weekly magazine, published viatablet, computer or iPhone in addition to the print tile. Bits of information from Wikipedia:
  2. 2. Some recent issues of DIY magazine:
  3. 3. Typicalpages in a DIY magazine:
  4. 4. Possible names for my music magazine: My music Music magnum Music mania In tune The craic music! Music mayhem Cant get enough music Listen! For youears only – shortened to ‘F.Y.E.O’ Possible music genres for my magazine: Indie rock Alternative Classic rock Heavy metal Punk rock Ska Funk and soul