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Research task 3 a


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Q music magazine

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Research task 3 a

  1. 1. Research task 3A: Front cover analysis Ellie Money
  2. 2. Masthead: The masthead is positioned in the top left hand corner specifically because this is the hotspot. Meaning readers will instantly be attracted and drawn in. Furthermore, the masthead is coloured in bright red as this will further capture attention. Additionally, the masthead is covering part of the main image. This is to portray its dominance and importance. Main image: The main image displays a close up shot. This is effective because it is large and attractive to the readers. Also, the model is Cheryl Cole meaning ‘Q’ have used celebrity endorsement. This further encourages readers to purchase the magazine because they would more than likely be interested in a celebrities lifestyle etc. Furthermore, she is making direct address with the reader. This is so the front cover appears more personal towards readers. Colour Scheme: The colour scheme is of white, black and red. The connotations of these colours portray a sense of seriousness which can perhaps imply the magazine is factual and targeted at older people. Layout: The layout of this front cover is very stereotypical as it is a common set up in regards to where features are positioned. Meaning this magazine supports codes and conventions of front covers of music magazine. For example, the cover lines are located along either side with the main one in much larger font. Even though the layout is predictable it is still effective because the front cover is appealing. This is because it is not too busy or crowded. Skyline: The skyline is also very attractive and enticing for readers because it describes this magazine to be ‘UK’s biggest’. This encourages readers to purchase the magazine because they believe they are receiving and exclusive item.