1980 films female roles


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1980 films female roles

  1. 1. 1980’s
  2. 2. E.T (1982) • A motherly figure, who tries to keep everything in order and look after her children. Trying to do what is best for them. • A stroppy teenager, who thinks everything is going against her and feels as though she is blamed. • An innocent young girl, who doesn’t do anything wrong and contrasts the stroppy teenager. She is seen this way due to the way she looks, by her clothes and her hair in piggy tails.
  3. 3. Star Wars – Episode VI (1983) Return of the Jedi • Princess Leia is seen in less clothes compared to the previous episodes, she is seen to be slightly less powerful, this then changes as she gets help and then takes over a more dominant female role again. She has power over Luke and Han Solo.
  4. 4. Star Wars – Episode V (1980) The Empire Strikes Back • Princess Leia is seen to be dominant over Luke and Han Solo but not through negative ways. She is seen to be joining in the fight, but still needs Han Solo and Luke to protect her from things.
  5. 5. Batman (1989) • Vicki Vale is portrayed as a beautiful, blonde haired young women. • She is portrayed as being the damsel in distress and in the need of help, but ends up helping Batman.
  6. 6. Raiders of the lost ark (1981) • Marion Ravenwood is portrayed as an independent woman who does need some help despite what she thinks. She is portrayed as dominant due to the skills she has. She plays the role of the missing piece in the puzzle.
  7. 7. Ghostbusters (1984) •Seen as quite seductive and manipulative in the trailer. However, is an independent woman.
  8. 8. Beverley Hills Cops (1984) •No women seen in the trailer at all, no female cops seen. Stereotypically more of a male profession.
  9. 9. Back to the future (1985) •No women in the trailer, only a woman’s voice, less roles. Man being the main focus, the clever man who get go back in time. Why not women too?
  10. 10. Indiana Jones and the last crusade (1989) •Elsa Schneider – Clever, is providing small forms of help, is manipulative, adhering to female stereotypes. Shows weakness around rats, stereotypical female fear. Fits a dominant ideology, beautiful young blonde woman. At the end dies because she is selfish.
  11. 11. Indiana Jones and the temple of doom (1984) •Willie Scott – Fits again with the dominant ideology of a beautiful young woman. Can be very manipulative and seductive. In the trailer is shown to put perfume of an elephant, she can not deal with the jungle, portrayed as weak. Towards the end becomes stronger and more independent.