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Uses and gratifications


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In this presentation, there are different definitions of words and how they are pursued in different magazines.

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Uses and gratifications

  1. 1. Uses & Gratification
  2. 2. About Uses and Gratification Blulmer and Katz's uses and gratification theory suggests that media users play an important part in choosing and using the different aspects of media. This theory suggests that a media users seeks a source which meets both the wants and needs of the user.
  3. 3. T H E N E E D S T H A T H AV E T O BE MET There are 4 different needs that needs to be met: - Diversion - Personal Relationships - Surveillance - Personal Identity
  4. 4. DIVERSION Diversion is where a user feels the need to escape from everyday life and relax. It is important as it provides society and culture with unique and inspirational perspectives. Diversity can create new ideas and changes that can be beneficial to a society, or even the world.
  5. 5. PERSONAL RELATIONS HIPS People use the media to fulfil their need for companionship and to form a relationship with others ( to be part of a social group within society).
  6. 6. SURVEILLANCE This is where the media is used to find out what is happening in society around us. For example, a music magazine can be used to find out the latest charts and about the social life of different celebrities.
  7. 7. PERSONAL IDENTITY Sometimes members of society can use the media to find out about themselves. Sometimes the way people are presented can reflect ourselves.
  8. 8. Surveillance Lets readers keep up to date with celebrity lives. For example in this issue, readers are able to find out about Adele. Personal Identity Q magazine includes lots of opportunities for readers to get involved and sometimes the people who they present also reflect members of society. Teenagers and young adults tend to show a certain amount of interest in music magazines. Diversion Q uses diversion as it allows people to purchase the magazine and read about the latest songs coming out. Personal Relationships By including all the latest news, it allows groups of friends to interact with each other about the news.