Preliminary Task


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Preliminary Task

  1. 1. Preliminary task <br />Eleanor Kaye <br />
  2. 2. Front Cover Textual Analysis <br />DATE AND PRICE<br />Rolling stone follows the codes and conventions of magazines by having the date and price of the magazine in the top right hand corner of the front cover. <br />MASTHEAD<br />A large proportion of this masthead for Rolling Stone is covered by the main image, however this does not have a negative effect because the magazine has already established an identity and is consequently recognised by its audience. <br />HEADLINE<br />The headline ‘Johnny sings’ is the main article and is therefore the largest font after the masthead. It is also black which is a darker colour than any of the other font on the cover, this makes it stand out. <br />SUB-HEADINGS<br />Rolling stone have followed codes and conventions for magazines by having the sub headings along the left and right hand side of the magazine, they are also in similar fonts and colours which makes it look more professional. <br />
  3. 3. Front Cover Textual Analysis <br />MASTHEAD<br />The masthead for this Kerrang cover is covered by the main image but as well as some other magazines it is now reputable and is consequently recognised by their target audience. It also has lines through it which makes it look as if it has been smashed, this reflects on their target audiences , tastes in music and personalities. <br />MAIN IMAGE <br />The three men on the front cover are the main thing that the magazine wants us as the audience to look at. They are all looking directly at you which makes you feel more involved. However they want your focus to be mainly on the man in the middle because he is in front of the masthead whereas the other two men are behind the masthead, he is also wearing white so he stands out from the black background while the others are wearing black and blend in to the background <br />
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  6. 6. Evaluation <br />Before designing this magazine I analysed two front covers of a magazine. This helped me to see the layout and content of other magazines so that when it came to designing the front cover of my magazine I knew what I needed to include. I have learnt how to use Photoshop, this was useful when designing this magazine because I could edit the medium close up of the picture I had taken, and also edit the pictures I had taken for the contents page. From the audience feedback found that the layout and page design were good however the integration of illustration and text were not as good. If I did this again I would make sure main picture was not so blurred. <br />