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Evaluation for media


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Evaluation for media

  1. 1. <ul><li>In what way does your music magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines.
  2. 2. Title of the magazine –
  3. 3. For my masthead I used the font ‘paper cut’ from I used this font because the style of the hard, sharp edges represents the type of music of my magazine. This masthead follows the codes and conventions of music magazines because it is the biggest font on the page; this makes it stand out, just how the masthead for ‘NME’ does. However my masthead does also challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines because it is black, whereas the masthead for NME is bright red. Even though mine is not a bright colour it still stands out because of the contrast with the red around it.
  4. 4. Costumes and props -
  5. 5. The costumes and props I have used in the images for my magazine do follow the codes and conventions of music magazines because they reflect the type of music in my magazine and the audience I have aimed it at. This includes the brands of the clothes that were worn such as Vans and Converse. The models wore casual clothes in the photos on the front cover, contents page and double page spread so that there was continuity throughout the images I took. In some of the photos I took the models are playing instruments such as guitars and drums, this is to show that they are in performing in a concert and also to show what type of music they play.
  6. 6. Mis-en-scene of images –
  7. 7. There is a variety of setting in the images I took, some I took while they were playing in a concert, and then for the main image on the front cover I decided to take it somewhere else, in an outside environment, and on his own so that it looked more personal. I also got the model to look at the camera for the main image to make it seem like you are more connected to both him and the magazine.
  8. 8. People -
  9. 9. The models I choose to use were male, even though my magazines target audience was for both male and females I found that male rock bands were more popular.