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Contents Page Analysis

  1. 1. Contents Page Analysis At the top of this contents page there is the logo for Q magazine within a black banner. This helps to establish the brand. The colours on this contents page follow the traditional Q colours of red, black and white. We get the impression from this contents page that The Courteeners and Oasis will be featured a lot in this particular issue. This is because the courteeners image is the main focus on the contents page, and Oasis have their own column within the features column, this suggests that they will be featured a lot within the magazine. In the bottom left hand corner there is a section on the things included in the magazine every month, including subscriptions and crossword, this helps to attract audiences who may not like the bands or artists who are featured but are still interested in the things they are offered each month anyway.
  2. 2. Contents Page Analysis Kerrang uses a large variety of images for their contents page, this helps to attract more readers because there is a higher chance they will find something that interests them. The structure of this contents page is very square, each feature is set out in its own section and nothing overlaps, this helps it to stay fairly simple even with all the images. Even though the heading ‘contents’ on this page is small it still stands out because of the bold and contrasting colours used. The bright yellow on the black background makes it one of the first thing you see on this page They have included a quote from an interview with Robb Flynn at the top, this makes us want to read the interview to find out more.
  3. 3. Contents Page Analysis This contents page for Vibe is simple but effective, there are no bright colours, except for the red heart on the image of Kanye West, however the heading still stands out because it’s a much darker colour and bolder font than anything else on the page. The heading is very creative in the way in which the word ‘contents’ is broken up in an unexpected fashion. This makes the magazine have more of an original feel to it. There is a large ‘V’ in the background, which is the logo for the magazine, this helps to accentuate the page. The list of features for the magazine is in a very small font so that it does not draw the attention away from The heading and the image.
  4. 4. Contents Page Analysis The NME logo is at the top of this magazine to establish the brand. There is a band index on the left side of the page, this helps to attract more audiences because you get to see artists from different genres so almost everybody can find someone they like, this will make them feel more connected with the magazine. This band list allows readers to just read about the bands/artists they like because they have their name and then the page number. NME have an advertisement for a subscription for their magazine on the this contents page, this is a good place to put this advertisement because it’s the first page in the magazine is therefore going to be seen. This advertisement There is a small article on this contents page which makes people want to see what other articles and stories this magazine offers.
  5. 5. Contents Page Analysis The headline on this page is the title of the magazine rather than ‘contents’, this helps to establish the brands name. The headline is also big and bold so it stands out on the page This magazine follows certain codes and conventions for a music magazine contents page, it includes features, page numbers and images of things that will be featured in the magazine. In most magazine contents pages the list of features is usually at the side of the page, however with ‘MOJO’ this column of features is more central, this is good because it ensures that the images do not take the attention away from the text. This magazine has images of many different features within the magazine rather than just one or two, this helps to appeal to more audiences.
  6. 6. Contents Page Analysis This contents page for clash has a heading that catches the audiences attention because it is bold, and the largest and brightest font on the page. This magazine follows the conventions of a music magazine by having the features appear along the left hand side of the page. There are images for more than one of the features which makes the reader want to read further.
  7. 7. Contents Page Analysis This contents page for the magazine ‘uncut’ has three very contrasting colours, Red, Black and White. These contrasting colours help to make the page look eye-catching. The layout on this page is not very complex, on other pages there are often many different images however this only has one. This lets the reader know what the main feature is for this month. The image of the man on the front is very dark which represents the kind of music he makes. This headline for ‘uncut’ stands out because it is in a very bright red and is a large text.
  8. 8. Contents Page Analysis The masthead is large and has an even larger Q’’ behind it, the ‘Q’ is the logo for the magazine so it established the magazines brand. The main image on this cover is the largest but is also not the only one, this helps to attract more than just the one type of audience. There is an image of a man on his own that covers some of the main image, this makes it more eye-catching which makes us want to find out more. On the left hand side there are the features within the magazine along with the page numbers, this follows codes and conventions of magazines contents pages.
  9. 9. Reflection After having looked at and analysed theses magazine contents pages I now have a wider understanding of what needs to be included in the contents page for my magazine.