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Audience Research Questionnaire Results


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Audience Research Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. Audience Research Questionnaire <br />
  2. 2. Audience research questionnaire<br />1. How much would you spend on a magazine a month?<br />£1 – I<br />£2 - II<br />£3 - IIIII<br />£4 - I<br />£5+ - I<br />2.Do you go to gigs/festivals? If so which ones?<br />-READING IIIII<br />-Up and coming artists II<br />- REWIND I <br />- TRUCK I <br />- GLASTONBURY I<br />- NONE I<br />3.What type of music are you into?<br />Rock - II<br />Pop -I<br />Dance/Electronic – III<br />R&B – IIII<br />Classical – <br />Reggae - I<br />4.What would encourage you to buy a music magazine?<br />Competitions – I<br />Free CD/Poster – II<br />Interviews with bands – IIIIIIIII<br />New releases reviews – IIIII<br />Coverage of festivals/gigs –II<br />Discount on clothing lines – I<br />5. How do you access music?<br />Illegal downloads (e.g. limewire) - III<br />Legal downloading (e.g. iTunes) - IIIIII<br />Live stream tracks -I<br />Other - I<br />-BUYING CDs II<br />6. What websites do you regularly use?<br />-<br />FACEBOOK -IIIIIII<br />-BBC -<br />-GOOGLE -III<br />-YOUTUBES AND BLOGS ON CELEBRITIES - II<br />7. Where do you watch music videos?<br />TV - IIIIII<br />Online - IIII<br />Other - I<br />8. What music channels/TV programmes do you watch?<br />The Box - I <br />MTV - IIIII<br />Viva -I<br />4 MUSIC - IIII<br />KERRANG - I<br />SCUZZ - I<br />
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  11. 11. Results<br />From these results you can see that 46% of people would prefer to spend £3 on a music magazine, so the price for my magazine will be around £3. You can also see that the gigs/festivals that most people go to are Reading and Leeds, as a result of this I will include information about these festivals in my magazine so that it attracts the right kind of audience. When asked what genre of music they are into, most people (37%) said Rock rather than any of the others such as Pop, Reggae and R&B, because of this the type of audience I will target in my magazine will be people who like Rock music. I will also include an interview with a band or singer in my magazine because looking at the results from the audience feedback, the majority of people said they would buy a magazine if it had an interview with a band. I found that most people access music through legal downloading (such as ITunes) or buying CD’S so I will include information about the latest CD releases and latest songs to download from iTunes. I have found from these results that the most used website was YouTube and the second most used website was Facebook, In the production of my magazine I will use this information to attract the right audience, I could include links to YouTube videos of live performances by bands, or show them their favourite bands Facebook pages. When asked where do you watch music videos i found that most people watched them on Music channels, so i then asked What music channels do you watch and found that the most popular music channel was MTV so I will take this into account when designing my magazine and make sure it includes some information about not only MTV but also 4 Music because this was the second most preferred music channel, if I include information about this channel as well there will be a wider audience that my magazine attracts. <br />