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Double page spread annotations drawn draft


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Published in: Law
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Double page spread annotations drawn draft

  1. 1. Double Page Spread Annotations Main Image The main image I will use will be placed on the right hand side of my double page spread.This will be anchored from my main cover line on my front cover. This will be used as celebrity endorsementand will be recognisable to my audience. My modelwill be the same black female which can be seen on my front cover but will not be wearing the same clothing/makeup etc. Colour Scheme The colour scheme will be again the same as what is seen throughout my whole magazine. These will includes the colours red, platinum and black. These are neutral colours however I will use them in a way to attract my audience. Question and Answer Article My article will be q&a rather than free flowing. This will be with the famous celebrity JAE-B who can be seen on my front cover. I will firstly introduce my q&a so my reader understands what the article is about. This will be effective as my audience will be eager to read more about the modelas well as get an insight into their life. Therefore,my q&a article is likely to be appreciated and enjoyed by my audience. Grab Quote I will use a grab quote which will be seen in a differentcolour to my article writing, and will be in a larger text to the rest. This will be shown in the centre of my article as this is a convention that other magazines use and works well. This will mean the reader will have another insight into what the article is about and may encourage them to read on.