Script writing and the commissioning process


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Script writing and the commissioning process

  1. 1. Script Writing and theCommissioning Process By Ellie Rainford
  2. 2. For my secondary research I looked online and came across the BBC Writers Room. They run schemes targeting talent from a range of sources. They promote writers across all BBC departments, channels, and programmes. They also work in partnerships with theatres, writers organisations, screen agencies, and the wider cultural industries. They also provide writing tips to help people with their scripts.
  3. 3. BBC Writers Room 24/11/11BBC writers room‘Are you only sending one script? We only accept one script at a time from a writer. You should also avoid submitting the same script to other BBC departments and producers at the same time. Is your script complete? We dont accept part of a script; finishing your work is a skill, and we want to see your idea from start to finish. Is your work over 30 pages/minutes? We read scripts that are over 30 pages or minutes long. 30 minutes is a fair length of time to assess a writers work – its extremely hard to judge a writers abilities if their work is shorter than this. Are all of your contact details included? We sometimes receive scripts without any contact details on them – make sure that your contact details are clearly marked on your script. All work should be submitted with a land address, as we aim to return all scripts that we do not develop further within the BBC. Do you have a copy of your script? Dont send us the only script that you have – make sure that you send a copy to us and keep the original for yourself. Have you sent us this script before? We do not accept resubmissions of work that has already been assessed, even following a rewrite – so make sure it is as good as you can make it before sending it in.Have you included an SSAE? We try to return all scripts that we dont intend to take any further. You should enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope with your submission, making sure that the envelope is large enough to return your script to you’ (online)This quote from the BBC writers room is useful because it is informing me all the key points I need to include while writing my script. This says that any script has to be finished and if its not completed it will not be accepted.
  4. 4. The Writers Guide is a web page fullof valuable information which helpspeople to write a script. Thiswebsites helps you develop yourscript by having these useful subheadings. It also tells us what scriptwriting is all about and what makesa good interesting script.
  5. 5. The Writers Guide‘Headings:1. Master scene headings which include:a) Camera location - EXT. (exterior or outside) or INT. (interior or inside)b) Scene location (LOCAL RACE TRACK)c) Time (DAY or NIGHT)2. Secondary scene heading3. “Special headings” for things such as montages, dream sequences, flashbacks, flash forwards, etc.Narrative Description:1. Action2. Character and settings (visual)3. Sounds Dialogue: 1. The name of the person speaking appears at the top, in CAPS. 2. The actors direction (AKA parenthetical or wryly). Try to avoid these as much as possible. Both the director and actor will appreciate it.3. The speech.’This quote is useful for me because it shoes me what needs to be included in my script and in what order.
  6. 6. The Role of a Script Writer is aWebsite which gives information onwhat skills you need to be asuccessful script writer. This is auseful website because it includesdifferent information about thedifferent types of scripts suchas, television, film, stage and videogames.
  7. 7. The Role of a Script Writer Accessed 24/11/11 ‘A scriptwriter is a special kind of writer. Unlike other writers, the scriptwriters work is meant to be read aloud. Additionally, the scriptwriter must put enough in his script to tell the art department what kinds of visuals a piece requires, helps actors understand character motivation and tells the director what types of locations a film or television shoot requires.’This is quote helps me know what a good script writer is and whats needed to make a good script. Its informing me that they usually need good visual techniques in the art department and have to understand actor’s needs and how to make their characters motivated. Also the script needs to include locations and actions to help over all.
  8. 8. Scriptwriter Job Description is a websitewhich says what is important and what isneeded to be a script writer. This isvaluable because it also includes theworking conditions script writers work in,this is more on the script writer themselves more then how to write a script.
  9. 9. Scriptwriter Job Description Accessed 24/11/11 ‘In all cases, scriptwriters must be able to imagine the effect of their words when they are spoken in a production. It is not enough that the words look good on paper. They must work well when one actor is speaking to another actor. Whereas a playwright usually includes only a few stage directions, a movie or television scriptwriter may detail the visuals as well as the written dialogue. These details are particularly important in movies, where a long and important sequence may require no speaking parts at all.’This quote is talking about the role of a scriptwriter. Saying what they must do to create a good script.
  10. 10. The Art and Science of Screen Writing I also researched books about screen play and found some valuable information. This part of the book shows the different parts of being a screen writer there is which shows that you have to be organised or things in the script could go wrong. It also says what could be included in a script.
  11. 11. The Art and Science of Screen Writing From the same book on a different page there was a lot some more valuable information, this show s that it is important to plan your script before writing it, this makes it easier to see if you have missed anything. This also gives me questions which by answering can help me plot my script.
  12. 12. The Art and Science of Screen Writing This is telling me that plotting is very important in script writing. It says that this will help you develop your script. Without plotting this could make your script boring and you could miss out vital parts.
  13. 13. The Art and Science of Screen Writing Both pages here explain the steps you must go through while writing your script. Without doing this your script would not be in a order and not make sense, this keeps everything organised and lets me see where Im up to with writing my script so i can also work with the time iv got left so I dont fall behind.
  14. 14. conclusionAfter looking and researching about script writing i have found out that you need to be very organised and plan carefully before writing any kind of script or you could miss out vital parts that need to be included in your script. I also now know that in all cases, scriptwriters must be able to imagine the effect of their words when they are spoken in a production. It is not enough that the words look good on paper. It is also important that you include directions in your script so there is no mix up and so that it is easier to follow, this would be very important for scripts that are for television, film and stage.