Powerpoint on deconstructions finnished


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Powerpoint on deconstructions finnished

  1. 1. Comparing and deconstructing two magazine covers. These magazines are very different. The top of the pops magazine is aimed at a young target audience as the masthead is pink and sparkly. The fonts are very bold, bright and easy to read. Also all the cover lines are all about celebrity's lives and comparing boys and shocking stories. The Billboard magazine is aimed at a much more sophisticated audience and the cover lines are neatly lined up with each other. There is less going on and the text and font has a simple theme which makes it easier to look at than the magazine on the left. The masthead is covered up on Billboard magazine, i think this could partly be because its simple and doesn't seem very well thought about, therefore putting the model over part of it, makes it more interesting. Jessie J on the front cover of Top of the pops does not look like she has had a shoot for the magazine, instead it looks like a shot from the paparazzi and un planned. Whereas the billboard magazine is very organized and looks like the magazine had an organized shoot specially for that front cover with Miley Cyrus. The top corner of the magazine Billboard, has a small section of information highlighted in yellow, which contrasts to the background and is therefore eye catching. Also because of the placing, the audience would see this piece of information on a magazine rack if the rest of the magazine has been covered. It is there to lure the audience in to pick up the magazine and buy it. The top of the pops magazine also has a banner across the top, which includes the logo and a selling line, but it blends in with the rest of the magazine and does not stand out as much because there are many other things to look at if someone picks that magazine up. Overall i think the Billboard magazine has been thought about much more and had more time taken to plan it and is better for its target audience.
  2. 2. Deconstructing another front cover. <ul><li>This magazine front cover is also a Billboard magazine, it looks very different from the one above because of the main image. The models make the front cover, because the text colors and fonts will go in after the picture has been edited to make sure everything matches. Beyonce is a sophisticated high up figure in the music industry and she knows what she is doing. She has been in the music business for many years and has gained respect and fans. Therefore using Beyonce as the model for a front cover would gain her publicity and a wide range of women would buy this magazine. The magazine has a black background so the text needs to be a light color to contrast against it. Beyonce's name has to change colour because she is wearing a white dress and the text could not be seen if the editor did not change the colour to blue. This gives the magazine a color theme of blue and white for the text, this also goes with what Beyonce is wearing and the masthead. The thing that stands out to me the most is the masthead because it includes the most colour, even though it is placed behind the models head. </li></ul><ul><li>The target audience is obviously for women, and this is written at the the top of the magazine, the word 'Womens' is on the right, so on a magazine rack, men would see the word women's and instantly look at something else whereas women will pick it up to see what its about. The text varies in slightly different fonts to make it more interesting and look less organized, there are varied sentence length and alternate use of the blue and white for each cover line for pattern. </li></ul><ul><li>Certain pieces of writing has been slightly highlighted by using circles of colour to attract attention to it. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Deconstructing contents pages. <ul><li>This contents page is very erotic and attention seeking. The masthead of the page is very visible and bold, its colour contrasts with the background so it stands out and is easily read, even though the word has been broken up. The main image is a woman wearing a leotard and extending her legs up the side of page, this connotes that this magazine could be a fashion magazine or a magazine for men. The models body is also shaping the text attracting attention to it. The models beige leotard and grey shoes match the background of the page and her black hair and accessories match the black text. The sub-headings are in a sophisticated, posh font compared to the rest of the text which needs to be easy to read otherwise people will not read it. There is the outlines of a big V in the background of the image and masthead, this is the beginning letter of the name of the magazine Vibe. This page would be aimed at a audience from about 15 and older because younger people would not find this page interesting unless there was more colour and less writing. The page has been equally divided into two vertical halves, the left side concentrating on the models legs and the right, giving information to the reader. </li></ul><ul><li>The model is looking out to the audience, making eye contact giving an instant connection. She is luring the audience in by looking at them and posing erotically. </li></ul>
  4. 4. <ul><li>This is my second contents page by Vibe. It has the same font in the masthead and the same broken up words. This shows consistency within the designer of the magazine, and this links all the issues of the magazine together to have a certain theme for particular things like the same titles and fonts. The subtitles are also the same fonts as the contents page above. The colour is different though because white writing stands out better on red, than black would. It has the same V in the background of the title and main image, in a deep red, so it matches the rest of the background but does not stand out so much that it takes attention away from any of the text or main image. The main focus of the page, is the image, it is of a gangster with lots of jewellery and a hat worn backwards. He also has tattoo's. These things connote that this man is 'streetwise' and must have a lot of money or have stolen the jewellery he is wearing. It also connotes that he could be a singer or rapper. He is looking out to the audience with a stern look on his face, also showing his dirty, gold teeth, this is an aggressive pose towards the audience. This could put some readers off, having aggression in the picture. This picture is showing the models masculinity because of the pose, he has tensed his arms to show his muscles and the tattoos on his chest. His necklace connotes that he could be a wrestler or a boxer because they are the masks that they wear for the television. His hat is better to be backwards because you wouldn't be able to see his facial expression and it makes him look more masculine. This picture could attract a male or female audience because women would be attracted to him for his masculinity and men would look at it and think this is their type of magazine because they enjoy songs that are rapped. </li></ul>
  5. 5. <ul><li>This is my third contents page im going to deconstruct.This also has its main focus on the image. The background is plain because the main image has more than one person in, and a colourful background would make it less sophisticated and look busy. The masthead is broken up again but much smaller and on the top left of the page instead of right. There is a shadow of the title in a slightly darker shade than the background instead of a V like the other contents pages. The subtitles and text font is the same as the others. The main image is erotic and revealing. A girl audience would see the models from a fashionable point of view and male's would find them attractive. I think the Vibe magazine is a mass media product, being aimed at both men and women from age 16 upwards. The models are standing with confidence wearing clothes they would go clubbing in or to a concert. The girl on the left has a tube on her face, this creates mystery in the audience wondering why the editor would want to put a girl that could be ill on the magazine. Although she is still as good looking as the other model, it makes me think what the relevance of it is. She could be starring in the magazine, or have an interview about herself, if so, this picture would help to lure the reader in because they will want to know about her. The models look confident without being aggressive. I think this is good because there isn't much in this image that would put the target audience off. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Deconstructing double page spreads. <ul><li>This double page spread is from NME magazine. It is about Lilly Allen. The whole right page is taken up by the image of her, she doesn't look like a celebrity, and she is not made up. She looks like a normal member of public, because if she looked glamorous, she would be being hypercritical of the headline of the article. They have done the headline, using letters that look like they have been cut from a newspaper. The title takes up, three quarters of the left page, and has speech marks to show it is a quotation from Lilly Allen. This will lure the reader in because the magazine has factual information from the celebrity and not just gossip or opinion. The colour of her hair, dark makeup and flannel shirt connote she is individual and likes to wear comfy clothes rather than go for the glamorous look to impress the public, it also shows, she doesn't listen to main stream music and probably likes rock music. This article is all about attracting attention first of all to get the reader interested in what could be written. Therefore the text is as small as possible so there is room for image and the heading. </li></ul>
  7. 7. <ul><li>This double page spread is also mainly focused on the image. The lead singer of the group is at the front of the rest and also in full colour. The rest of the group have been whitewashed because they are not as important or as famous. This is to attract the readers attention, if the other people were highlighted instead of Will.I.am the reader may not recognize the band instantly, therefore could skip the page as they don't know who the other people are. The right page is split into two. The left side of the image spilling from the other page, and the right side is the article. The writing again is very small because it is all about grabbing the attention of the audience to make them want to read about these people. There is a rhetorical question placed over the legs of the less important band members that has been highlighted. This will attract attention and because the paragraph underneath is small, the reader will be more likely to read this than all the writing on the right page. This paragraph probably leads into the writing on the opposing page, therefore this paragraph needs to be very interesting and lure the reader to carry on reading the article. I think this is a good technique to attract the reader and may use this on my double page spread. </li></ul>
  8. 8. <ul><li>This is a double page spread from NME magazine. The celebrity posing is Florence and the machine. The title of the article 'got the love' is one of her most famous songs. Most people know who she is as she is in the charts and on the television. The background says USA in grey writing, to match the background. It also links in with the fact, she is sat on the American flag, this connotes she is very successful because she is on top of America. She is posing quite erotically as she is exposing her legs, she is also wearing all leather and has cones on her chest. This outfit contrasts with her pale skin tone and ginger hair and looks good on her. The pages are focused on the image, to attract attention at first glance like the other two double page spreads. Florence and the flag stand out because of the very simple background she is in front of, therefore she is the selling point of this page. There is also a rhetorical question at the beginning of the article. This lures the reader in, because the article will probably answer the question they are asking. It is slightly bigger than the rest of the text and a small paragraph, therefore the audience will read this piece of text, wonder what the answer is, and read on. </li></ul>