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Question two


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Question two

  2. 2. I have represented my artist through the use of mise-en-scene and in particular costume as being a verydown to earth and normal guy. Using the costume ofeither checked shirts or plain shirts in my music videoI carried forth this representation by having my artistwear clothes that are in trend and popular at theminute. By having my artist wear up to the minuteclothing I represented him as being down to earth ashe follows the common trend therefore connoting asense of normality to the audience.
  3. 3. The representation of my artist that I created in myancillary texts is different to that of the one that I createdin my music video. As the images I have used are black andwhite it connotes a sense of two different people to myartist as there are two different colours. Furthermore aswhite is linked to a sense of purity and graciousness andthe colour black has a feel of darkness and a sense of powerto it. I wanted these two combinations to be entwined intothe representation of my artist to hint at a sense of mysticabout who my artist is. I wanted to link this to therepresentation of my artists. This whole idea of black andwhite also connotes a sense of two different people and therepresentation that to be able to know one side of my artistyou have to know the other.
  4. 4. I purposely created a different representation from mymusic video through to my ancillary texts, as I wantedto show that my artist has many different sides to him.Hence why I have represented him as being a down toearth, naive young Romeo in my music video but whenit came to my ancillary texts I have represented him asa more vivid and powerful character. In my musicvideo I have portrayed my artist as being a moresubmissive whereas in my ancillary texts I haverepresented my artist as a more dominating character.
  5. 5. However I have carried through some of the samerepresentations of my artist through from my musicvideos to my ancillary texts. In both I have representedmy artist as being romantic, in my ancillary texts Icreated this effect by having a black and white affectwhich can be associated with old black and whitemovies which were mostly in the romantic genre.
  6. 6. In my actual music video I created this affect by havingmy artist play the guitar, which is typically associatedwith a romantic gesture towards a girl. From the use ofthe colour fonts in my ancillary I carried forth therepresentation of romance as I used a handwrittenfont, which can be linked to writing a romantic letter(love letter) which builds on the representation of myartist being romantic.