GCSE Media Action Adventure Lesson 2 - action adventure films intro


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GCSE Media Action Adventure Lesson 2 - action adventure films intro

  1. 1.  Which of the following films are action adventure films? Pirates of the Caribbean Bridget Jones Diary Superman Returns Rambo Platoon Jaws Die Hard Pretty Woman Troy Harry Potter
  2. 2.  To understand what is meant by ‘action adventure’ and identify sub-genres  To begin identifying the codes and conventions of the different sub-genres
  3. 3. What do you associate with Action film? List all the things you have come to expect in Action films.       A hero Chases Fighting/combat Explosions Weapons – guns Lots of killing Now list all the things for Adventure genre films     Exotic locations Treasure Humour An element of danger – but not as violent or threatening as Action films THESE ARE KNOWN AS THE GENRE CODES OR ICONOGRAPHY
  4. 4. Action Films - the story is largely told through physical action rather than dialogue.  The action typically involves individual efforts on the part of the hero. Adventure Films - are exciting stories, with new experiences or exotic locations. They are similar to the action genre as they provide an actionfilled, energetic experience for the film viewer.  However there is less emphasis on violence and fighting
  5. 5.  Action Adventure Films are a combination of the two genres ◦ emphasis on travels, ◦ conquests, ◦ explorations, ◦ struggles and ◦ situations that confront the main characters or actual historical figures
  6. 6.      Buddy – Men in Black Team - Red Superhero – Spiderman/Superman/Thor, etc Historical - Gladiator Rom/Com and action adventure – Romancing the Stone
  7. 7. A specific type of genre that has very distinct codes and conventions: • • • • • • Fantasy Disaster Historical Quest Thriller Swashbuckler
  9. 9. FANTASY DISASTER HISTORICAL The setting is usually a world which bares little reality to our own, very imaginative containing strange creatures and landscapes. Society is faced with a large scale disaster that looks like the end of mankind such as a plague or hurricane. May be based on a real story or legend, but is usually based in a real historical time period and place. QUEST THRILLER SWASHBUCKLER An expedition or trip undertaken by one or more characters in order to achieve a particular goal. A tense film which is full of suspense. It is often based around a crime or deception. Will involve swordfighting and usually set in the past (though won’t have any basis in reality).
  10. 10. NARRATIVE CONVENTION –  The type of storyline we would expect.  Characterised by sword-fighting and adventurous heroic characters, often set in Renaissance Western Europe EXAMPLES • The Mask of Zorro • Pirates of the Caribbean • The Three Musketeers COMMON CODES AND CONVENTIONS  Male hero, damsel in distress, romantic interest, clear morality (hero = good, villain = evil) code of honor, pirates, swords and swordfights, bows and arrows, lavish costumes
  11. 11. NARRATIVE CONVENTION  The characters deal with an impending or ongoing disaster and its aftermath – this can be man made or natural EXAMPLES • Armageddon • Twister • Independence Day COMMON CODES  ‘The world is going to end’ message. Meteors, volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, tornados, fire, alien invasion, war, crashes, sinking ships, large cast of characters, multiple plot lines, usually a happy ending
  12. 12. NARRATIVE COONVENTIONS  Heroic story set in an invented world which is a more fanciful version of our world or a legendary, mythic past EXAMPLES  Clash of the Titans  Star Wars  Avatar COMMON CODES  Very varied but could include: aliens, spaceships, wizards, witches, ghosts, imaginary places, fanciful plots, good versus evil, happy endings
  13. 13. NARRATIVE CONVENTIONS  The protagonist goes on an epic search for an object of value or someone of personal importance EXAMPLES • Indiana Jones films • National Treasure • Romancing the Stone COMMON CODES  Male hero, multi skilled, romantic interest, sidekick, exotic locations, travel, villain with same quest, danger, guns, grand finale with moral – hero learns something profound about themselves
  14. 14. NARRATIVE CONVENTION  An exciting, suspenseful and tense plot in which the hero usually overcomes a series of distractions set by the villain EXAMPLES • The Fugitive • Cliffhanger • Die Hard COMMON CODES  Male hero, villain/criminal with a master plan, fight and chase scenes, weapons, gunfights, information kept from audience, mystery, police, hero versus villain finale
  15. 15. NARRATIVE CONVENTION  An epic story set in a recognisable historical period or against the backdrop of a famous historical event EXAMPLES • Gladiator • King Arthur • Braveheart COMMON CODES  Famous events, story based on fact or real people, historical settings, costumes, personal struggle, romantic interest, battles, huge number of extras
  16. 16. Due this time next week:  Write a 250 word analysis on any action/adventure film of your choice. You must explain what sub genre it belongs to and the codes and conventions it uses