Body Image and Size Zero debate - AS media issues MS1 (Student work)


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AS Media, MS1, Body image, Size Zero, Representation of issues

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Body Image and Size Zero debate - AS media issues MS1 (Student work)

  1. 1. Size zero (is silly) By Mikey and Craig
  2. 2. • Ultra-thin models who have been barred from fashion shows in Milan and Madrid will be allowed on the catwalks during London Fashion Week, it emerged yesterday. • The British Fashion Council has defied the Government by resisting a ban on "size zero" women taking part in its shows. 

Instead, it wants designers to use only "healthy models" aged 16 and over and is creating a task force to come up with new guidelines for the industry. 

Doctors and women's groups are concerned that the use of underweight models encourages anorexia in the industry and sends a dangerous signal to girls. • Size Zero is the equivalent to a British size 4 in women's clothing — a 31.5in bust, a 23in waist and 34in hips. The average waist size of a British eight year old is 22 inches. Is it necessary for models?
  3. 3. No. There is evidence that women of this size are very unhealthy. In August when a Uraguayan model, Luisel Ramos, 22, died of heart failure after starving herself. In November, a 21-year-old Brazilian model, Ana Carolina Reston, died from anorexia. Is it good?
  4. 4. Yes. Figures show an 80% rise in the number of young girls admitted to hospital with anorexia in England over the last decade. Within the past decade size zero has become prominent. Has it lead to eating disorders?
  5. 5. Jennifer Lawrence is sexy and non size zero. And she’s a celebrity. She sets an example for young girls by going against the idea of size zero. Celebrity trend?
  6. 6. Hot Not 
  7. 7. Women and girls around the world are obsessed about losing weight and attaining the much talked about Size Zero, but at what cost? Thinning down and undertaking rigorous fitness regimes to lose weight are acceptable, but where does one draw the line? Many people do not know where to stop this obsession with thinning for example Eliana Ramos, 18, who worked for a prestigious Argentine modelling agency, was found dead in her bedroom. Six months ago her sister Luisel suffered a fatal heart attack during a catwalk show, having reportedly eaten nothing but lettuce leaves for three months.