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Pitch script


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Pitch script

  1. 1. Pitch Script In my final major project I would like to create my own magazine. I have researched different types and genres of magazines from gossip magazines such as ‘OK!’ and ‘Closer’ to magazines aimed at just men such as ‘GQ.’ The reason I looked at these genres of magazines was to try and get ideas for my own magazine and to get an idea of what kind of genre I want my magazine to belong to. I also looked at these kind of magazine to make sure that I can make it easy for the readers of my own magazine to tell what genre my magazine belongs too. I also looked at high end magazines that can appeal to both male and females such as ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine,the reason I chose to look at a magazine like this was to help understand who I wanted as my main target audience to be and whether or not I wanted my magazine to appeal to both male and females. However I have decided that I would like to create a high end fashion magazine. The reason I would like to create this genre of magazine was because I gained ideas and influences from the high end fashion magazines ‘Vogue’ and ‘Vanity Fair.’ I have looked at how the front covers of these magazines are set out and how they appeal to their target audience, I looked at the colours and layout of the front cover and how I could create a magazine that looks just as professional. I also researched the type of celebrities they feature in their magazines especially on the front cover and have noticed that they use similar camera angles for every model or celebrity that features on the front cover. Researching these kinds of things can help me include typical codes and conventions of a high end fashion magazine to make sure that my magazine will appeal to its main target audience. I also looked at the content pages, magazine interviews and small articles that feature in my two main influenced magazines ‘Vogue’ and ‘Vanity Fair’ as I wanted the content of my magazine to anchor down what genre it belongs to. I think that I now have a clear understanding of the genre my magazine will belong to and can now go and make my own magazine looks as professional as possible both on the front cover as well as the content inside too.