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Outdoor Risk Assessment


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Outdoor Risk Assessment

  1. 1. FILM PRODUCTION RISK ASSESSMENTThis risk assessment is for Harrop Fold High School, Manchester, Little Hulton, Hilton Lane, M28 OSY. It will be filmed in the recording studioand the main entrance. There are small risks; however, to ensure it is safe to film, we have put together this assessment. We will coverequipment and filming space.HAZARD IN WHICH SCENE PERSON WHO MAY PROPERTY THAT RISK CONTROLS RISK ASSESSMENT FURTHER ACTION IS THIS HAZARD BE HARMED COULD BE ALREADY IN PLACE *See chart TO BE TAKEN PRESENT? DAMAGED Wires Most scenes Cast and crew Instruments Tape wires down to Low Yellow tape used so floor. it’s clearer to see. Electrical Every Scene Cast and Crew Instruments and Keep track of how Moderate Take breaks from equipment recording much the equipment using equipment. equipment is being used so it isn’t over powered. Confined places Most scenes Cast and crew Instruments Don’t have too Low Know where you many people in one are meant to be room at one time, during filming. only if needed.Risk Assessment ChartHazard likelihood / Consequences RISK ASSESSMENTVERY LIKELY TO HAPPEN or SEVERE CONSEQUENCES (i.e. Someone could get EXTREMEseriously hurt)Could happen or mild consequences (i.e. someone could suffer a minor HIGHinjury)Unlikely to happen or minor consequences (i.e. production could be slightly MODERATEdelayed)Rarely happens and very insignificant consequences LOW