Atlantis (1)[1]


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Atlantis (1)[1]

  1. 1. “Discover What’s Lost” By: Ellen Ovalles
  2. 2. What is in Atlantis?o Water Adventures o The Lagoonso Family Excitemento Casinoso Dolphin Cay
  3. 3. Water Adventures Snorkeling Scuba diving Stingray Experience Beaches Pools Shark Adventures
  4. 4. The Lagoonso Reef Lagoono Predator Lagoono Ruins Lagoono Stingray Lagoono Royal Ray Lagoono Mayan Temple Lagoon
  5. 5. Kids Adventureso Performance Room o Lego Roomo Game Room o Wizardologyo Culinary Room o Arts and Craftso Computer Room o Grocery Storeo Victorian Dollhouse o CRUSH
  6. 6. Casinoso Tableso Slotso Tournamentso Eventso High Rollers
  7. 7. Dolphin Cayo Swim with the Dolphinso Swim with the Sea Lionso Stingray Experienceo Snorkeling
  8. 8. Atlantis Bahamas Paradise Island