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Agile Product Fluency


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The Agile Fluency™ model describes an agile team’s pathway for achieving a level of fluency that best fits business needs. It is a progression through four zones: Focusing on business value, Delivering on a market cadence, Optimizing to lead the market and Strengthening to make the organizations stronger.

How does this translate to product management?

In this session, you will actively participate in a structured discussion on how product management maps on to this model and what characteristics and skills are key at each step. We’ll explore the challenges PMs/POs face in each zone and how it this impact product decision-making. Join of for a lively and co-active session.

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Agile Product Fluency

  1. 1. Agile Product Fluency Workshop with Dan Chapman & Ellen Gottesdiener
  2. 2. How does this translate to product management?
  3. 3. The Agile Fluency™
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