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  1. 1. OOP is what C# is all about  It supports structs  C# garbage collector is far more  sophisticated
  2. 2. are like lightweight versions of classes.  They're not reference types; they're value  types, so when you pass them to methods, they're passed by value. They're like classes in many ways—they  support constructors, for example (but not inheritance). They take up fewer resources in memory, so when you've got a small, frequently used class, give some thought to using a struct instead.
  3. 3. Destructors are actually called by the C#  garbage collector  Destructor - declared much like constructors, except that their name is prefaced with a tilda (~). the garbage collector deletes objects no  longer referenced in your code automatically (at a time of its choosing).
  4. 4.  oops.html  ?p=101373  Code/A-Twisted-Look-at-Object-Oriented- Programming-in-C--Part-1/  8a.htm