Marketing Your Community for Economic Development


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Marketing Your Community for Economic Development

  1. 1. Marke&ng  Your  Community  to  Drive  Economic  Development  Southeast Community Development InstituteApril 25, 2013Download this presentation
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover Today1.  Defining  Your  Community’s  Brand  2.  Defining  Your  Audiences  and  Touchpoints  3.  Do  the  Basics  Well:  Tools  that  Reach  ALL  Audiences  4.  Adjust  Marke&ng  for  Each  Audience  
  3. 3. What We’ll Cover Today1.  Defining  Your  Community’s  Brand  2.  Defining  Your  Audiences  and  Touchpoints  3.  Do  the  Basics  Well:  Tools  that  Reach  ALL  Audiences  4.  Adjust  Marke&ng  for  Each  Audience  
  4. 4. We’reDifferent!Branding Your Community  Your community brand captures bothtangible and intangible qualities that createa community personality and make yourcommunity truly unique  Your brand is yourreputation and yourpromise of distinct value
  5. 5. What We’ll Cover Today1.  Defining  Your  Community’s  Brand  2.  Defining  Your  Audiences  and  Touchpoints  3.  Do  the  Basics  Well:  Tools  that  Reach  ALL  Audiences  4.  Adjust  Marke&ng  for  Each  Audience  
  6. 6. Your Primary Target Audiences- Site Selectors- Industry Reps- Niche Industries- Retailers- DevelopersStakeholders &Partners:City, County, Utility,Tourism, Chamber, etc.ExistingIndustriesRelated secondary audiences include residents and tourists
  7. 7. Examples of brand touchpointsinside your community  Community websites  Local press  Social Media  Wayfinding Signage  Quality of life features for residents (parks,road quality, education quality, etc. etc.  The scope and quality of a visitor’sexperience of a community
  8. 8. Examples of brand touchpointsoutside your community  Website  Word of Mouth  Press  Social Media  Travel/Meetings  Outside paid marketing  Marketing by local companies
  9. 9. The Importance ofPartnershipsStakeholders &Partners:City, County, Utility,Tourism, Chamber, etc.You do not operate in a vacuum!Your Community is your PRODUCT.You develop parts of it, and othersdevelop other parts of it.Collaboration will take yourcommunity farther!Related secondary markets include residents and tourists
  10. 10. What We’ll Cover Today1.  Defining  Your  Community’s  Brand  2.  Defining  Your  Audiences  and  Touchpoints  3.  Do  the  Basics  Well:  Tools  that  Reach  ALL  Audiences  4.  Adjust  Marke&ng  for  Each  Audience  
  11. 11. The Two Tools to Get Right(because they span all audiences)Your Website Social Media
  12. 12. ?Why is having a strongonline presence for yourcommunity important?
  13. 13. The vast majority ofresearch to narrowdown a list of potentialsites is done online.
  14. 14. Showcasing yourcommunity withyour economicdevelopmentwebsite
  15. 15. www.???.org  BuildWebsterCity.comAt a minimum,spell out yourCounty name forSearch EngineOptimization andusability
  16. 16. Information you shouldinclude on your website:  Maps  Demographics  Available Propertylistings  Quality of life  Staff and contact  Existing Industries  Workforce Information  Taxes & Incentives  Transportation  Utilities  Business Assistance  News  Social Media links andfeeds
  17. 17. Develop Your Site Map  Plan the pages of your site  Establish a structure that is logical  Keep all content within three clicks  This also establishes your main navigationbutton choices – keep consistent!  Look at how other groups have set theirsites up – look at IEDC winning sites
  18. 18. Site Map Example 1Home  Business  Climate  Cost  of  Doing  Business  Tax  Incen6ves  Exis6ng  Industries  Transporta6on  U6li6es  Workforce  Demographics  Workforce  Stats  Workforce  Training  Technology  Center  Job  Seeker  Resources  Available  Sites  and  Buildings  Available  Sites  Available  Buildings  Maps   Quality  of  Life  K-­‐12  Educa6on  Post-­‐Secondary  Educa6on  Healthcare  Recrea6on  and  ANrac6ons  About  Us  Staff  Board  Contact  Us  
  19. 19. Site Map Example 2Home  Doing  Business  Incen6ves  Taxes  Licenses  &  Permits  Transporta6on  U6li6es  Area  Industries  Exis6ng  Industry  Resources  Workforce  Workforce  Stats  Workforce  Training  Retail  Retail  Demographics  Exis6ng  Retail  Available  Sites  and  Buildings  Available  Sites  Available  Buildings  Industrial  Parks  Community  Profile  Demographics  Maps  Educa6on  Healthcare  Recrea6on  and  ANrac6ons  About  Us  News  Contact  
  20. 20. Site Map Example 3Home   About  Us  Staff  Board  Contact  Us  News  Local  Business  Services  Workforce  Development  Incen6ves  &  Financing  Professional  Development  &  Training  Small  Business  &  Entrepreneurs  Job  Search  Resources  Site  Selec6on  Services  Available  Proper6es  Incen6ves  &  Financing  Workforce  Development  Industry  Concentra6ons  Cost  of  Doing  Business  Leading  Employers  Data  &  Demographics  Demographics  &  Trends  Transporta6on  Regulatory  &  Environmental  Workforce  Taxa6on  Government  U6li6es  Living  Here  Housing  Educa6on  Cost  of  Living  Recrea6on  Climate  Healthcare  
  21. 21. Designing anEffective Home Page  Your brand  Your location – with a map  Unique selling points  Recent news  Contact information  Graphics heavy but no flash
  22. 22. How to Write and ProgramContent  Economic Development Sites are VERY dataheavy  People don’t read – avoid paragraphs and usebullet lists, tables or charts whenever possible  Break pages up visually with sub-heads,sections or graphics
  23. 23. What to include in News  New industry announcements  Local industry news  New Hires  Awards  Job creation announcements  Report releases  Either write your own or link to local coverage  Ability to share articles on social media
  24. 24. Provide a wide range of maps
  25. 25. GIS Powered Sites  More robust searching  More extensive property data fields  Radius-based demographics  Exportable reports  Still pricey for small communities but moreoptions available
  26. 26. Make your site Mobile friendlyBuilding a site with Responsive Design is now an option - orbuild a separate mobile website that can detect access bymobile phones
  27. 27. Social Media for Economic DevelopersWOW!DIDYOUHEAR?AWESOME!COOL!It is aboutengagementandTop of mindawareness
  28. 28. What are your top options?
  29. 29. What can you talk about?  Industry announcements  New business startups/entrepreneurship  Workforce programs and education  Company profiles  Local business news  Unemployment updates and related reports  Share blogs, videos, photos  Learn from organizations featured in thispresentation
  30. 30.   If nothing else, participate here  Broad reach beyond local market  This is your top business networkingtool, without having to travel to aconference or other networkingevent at a distance  Participate daily - or weekly at aminimumLinkedIn
  31. 31. Make sure all key employees haveprofiles and actively build connections
  32. 32. Search for and actively participate inindustry groups locally, nationally,internationally
  33. 33. LinkedIn groups are a great way tomonitor buzz and trends
  34. 34. Communicate and engage with siteselectors online
  35. 35. Make status updates of your own toshow up in feeds
  36. 36.   Rapidly growing in importance  Young professionals  Tech Savvy participants  Broad reach beyond local market  Participate daily or multiple timesper dayTwitter
  37. 37. Continue your branding
  38. 38. Share videos, local news andcommunicate with others
  39. 39. Promote your organization’s tweets withyour individual tweets, and vice versa
  40. 40. Using # and @  Use @ to mention an organization or individualby name – this shows up in their feed (and isvery desirable) @RedSageAL  Use # to highlight topics to show up in searchessuch as #EconDev #SiteSelection #Branding  Create your own #hashtag for an event orcampaign such as #SEDC2013 or #SageAdvice– use to create buzz at an event
  41. 41. Search for topics to monitor trends(#hashtags)
  42. 42.   Engagement and relationship buildingwith your local market primarily  More personal, informal and friendly  Know your goals for using this:  Top of mind in local market  Sharing local business news, or buildingsupport for a local issue  Cross sharing/SEO opportunityFacebook
  43. 43. Promote action on community issue
  44. 44. Share local economicdevelopment news
  45. 45.   Terrific opportunity to give yourtake on local news and trends –plus this is the best way to:  create new personalized content toshare across web and all channels  Drive traffic to your website  Increase the odds you will show up insearch engines – awesome SEO toolBlogging
  46. 46.   Personal thoughts about currentnews or situation  Keep short – 1 paragraph is fine  Best is at least once a week, buteven a well maintained once amonth blog is better than mostcommunitiesBlogging
  47. 47.   New business announcements  Career tech education locally  Expansions – and why  Entrepreneurship  Local business resources  New regulations  Top jobs locally  Etc.Blog Topics
  48. 48.   Highly recommend starting toincorporate video into yourefforts, if you are not alreadydoing thisYouTube
  49. 49. Greenville, SC  About GADC video  Industry profiles  Testimonial videos from youngprofessionals
  50. 50. Jacksonville-Onslow, NC
  51. 51.   Follow industry leaders on social media andon their blogs  Promote those already championing for you  Be an active follower by retweeting, sharing,and commenting  Actively participate in LinkedIn Groups  Continuously find and add LinkedInconnectionsGrowing your audience:Follow to be followed
  52. 52. Choosing How to Participate  Choose how and where to participate:What do you have time to be consistentwith? (Don’t start a blog if you aren’tcommitted to keeping it going)  Give it time: You won’t see resultsovernight, be patient and be consistent
  53. 53.   Devote a realistic amount of time for socialmedia each week – half hour a day? Onehour a week?  Make it a priority and be committed to it  Scale back and focus on one thing if timeis an issue  Don’t forget to take the time to plan inadvanceCarve out time:
  54. 54.   Add an agenda item to a weekly ormonthly meeting: what should we blogabout this week? What is going on that wewant to talk about in social media?  Decide what topics you’ll cover: use aneditorial calendar to keep things organizedbut make sure you build in flexibility tooBuild a process
  55. 55. Schedule ahead: use to postto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  56. 56. Monitor all your feeds in one place
  57. 57. Know what is being said  Whether you use social media or not,people will still be talking about yourorganization and your community online  Monitor all social media platforms forcomments and respond to comments asquickly as you can
  58. 58.   Offered by Constant Contact  Monitors mentions and activity:•  Facebook•  Twitter•  LinkedIn•  Foursquare  Reports are emailed to you  FREE!Easy
  59. 59.   Set up alerts for your company name,products, and other identifying keywords  Set up alerts associated with yourcompetitors  Set up alerts for terms associated withyour
  60. 60. What We’ll Cover Today1.  Defining  Your  Community’s  Brand  2.  Defining  Your  Audiences  and  Touchpoints  3.  Do  the  Basics  Well:  Tools  that  Reach  ALL  Audiences  4.  Adjust  Marke&ng  for  Each  Audience  
  62. 62. Identify & prioritize yourtarget marketsThey can look very different and need different marketingapproaches and messages to reach effectively.Good marketing is not one size fits all.
  63. 63. Adjust your messagefor each market – AND howyou deliver the message
  64. 64. Your Primary Target Audiences- Site Selectors- Industry Reps- Niche Industries- Retailers- DevelopersStakeholders &Partners:City, County, Utility,Tourism, Chamber, etc.ExistingIndustriesRelated secondary audiences include residents and tourists
  65. 65. TARGETED MESSAGES  Why your location is the best choice•  Located in the middle of a regional industrycluster of manufacturers and suppliers(aerospace, automotive, etc.)•  Available high skilled labor•  Building or site ready for them immediately•  History of existing business expansionsand new industry announcements in yourcommunity•  And any other unique selling propositions  Letters or quotes of support from keyleaders (Mayor, Governor, head of keyindustry, etc.- Site Selectors- Industry Reps- Niche Industries
  66. 66. QUALITY AND FREQUENCY OFMESSAGE DELIVERY  Tradeshows, ‘Meet the Consultant’ & othernetworking events  LinkedIn Groups & other social mediaparticipation  Direct mail, emails, or sales calls tosuppliers or customers of your existingindustries  YouTube videos of buildings or land  Direct mail – spec buildings, nearby relatedindustries, etc.  Press releases of industry location orexpansion announcements to related printor online sources- Site Selectors- Industry Reps- Niche IndustriesAnd  make  sure  your  process  is  smooth  and  materials  are  ready!!  
  67. 67. TARGETED MESSAGES  We are here to help you succeed andgrow  We want to tell you about programsand resources available for yourbusiness from us, the state, and othersources  We want to be your main contact andadvocate for any issue you are facingthat is holding you back from successand either help you resolve it or pointyou to resources that can helpExistingIndustries
  68. 68. QUALITY AND FREQUENCY OFMESSAGE DELIVERY  Regular personal meetings, calls oremails  Host one or more annual recognitionor social events to build relationships  E-newsletters to share news andresources  Annual survey and report – theirperception of community, yourassistance, local resources such aseducation, workforce readiness, etc.  Responsiveness!!ExistingIndustries
  69. 69. TARGETED MESSAGES  Population demographics that meet theirtargets  Recent boom of development means theyshould look at your community  Retail Opportunity Gap data  Outshopping information  Steady or significant increase in incomesor population over past 5-10 years  Factors that don’t show up indemographics such as nearby collegepopulations, tourism traffic/spending etc.RetailersDevelopers
  70. 70. QUALITY AND FREQUENCY OFMESSAGE DELIVERY  Materials that convey key selling points  Networking at ICSC and other retailevents  Work through your developers  Direct mail, LinkedIn groups, social media  Ensure your process of responding toinquiries and supporting all phases ofretail development is responsive andsmooth – this encourages developers tokeep choosing your community fordevelopment because you are easy towork with (assuming their otherdevelopments are successful).RetailersDevelopers
  71. 71. TARGETED MESSAGES  What’s new, what are we working on, whatare some recent successes  We are bringing jobs, money, and newresidents to our community which helps usall  We want to work with you to support yourinitiatives however we can within ourmission  We need your help and expertise on aspecific issue to ensure this project’ssuccess  We appreciate your partnership with usStakeholders &Partners:City, County, Utility,Tourism, Chamber,Legislators etc.
  72. 72. QUALITY AND FREQUENCY OFMESSAGE DELIVERY  Networking  E-newsletters  Annual reports  Show up in support of their key initiatives  Recognize partnerships and assistancepublicly whenever possible  Be trustworthy, responsive, andappreciative  Regular meetings to update on youractivities and learn about other’s activities  Host one or more annual recognition orsocial events to build relationshipsStakeholders &Partners:City, County, Utility,Tourism, Chamber,Legislators etc.
  73. 73. Other Marketing Initiativesand support materials:  Site or Building Marketing: brochures,binders, microsites, direct mail, onlinelistings, etc.  Industry Recruitment materials – flyers,rack cards,  Community Print Ads – BusinessAlabama, SKY Magazine, Site SelectionMagazine
  74. 74. Consider building a separatemicrosite for key sites or programs  Smaller website focused on a single topicwith more in-depth data and information  Typically associated with other marketingmaterials that promote the site
  75. 75. Download this presentation connect with me!