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Infusing technology in the v isual arts classroom


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Infusing technology in the v isual arts classroom

  1. 1. Infusing Technology in the Visual Arts Classroom Ellen CraigLewis and Clark Middle School Billings Montana
  2. 2. Voicethread Create discussions based on images, documents, or videos. Comments can be spoken or typed
  3. 3. 8th grade students comparing work after each researching an artist.
  4. 4. Sumo Paint• Online image editor and drawingapplication• Create original works or edit and remiximages
  5. 5. Fantasy Portraits Multimedia Cropped Images
  6. 6. Google Art Project• Explore art work from throughout the world• Create your own galleries of work
  7. 7. • Examine the art• Walk around the gallery• Read backgroundinformation• Watch videos about theart, the work, and thegallery • Have students create galleries based on themes • Create art treasure hunts • Connect to geography and history
  8. 8. QR CodesLink images to websites, videos, Googlemaps, text, online portfolios
  9. 9. Google DocsGoogle Docs “is a suite of products that lets youcreate different kinds of online documents, work onthem in real time with other people, and store yourdocuments and your files all online, and all for free.”
  10. 10. Create a Form•Use a form to survey student interests•Create a form as a quiz or test
  11. 11. Create a Drawing•Have students create original works using the drawing application
  12. 12. Artist Research Digital KitCreate a Digital Kit•Use a presentation to create a digital kit (a collection of contentwhich students can use to assemble a product)
  13. 13. National Gallery of Art NGA Kids provides several different art making activities from collage machine, virtual mobile, photo op, and more.The National Art Gallery Education sitehas several online interactive lessonsgeared to various age groups.
  14. 14. Art CollectionsApps for Art A variety of curators who create collections based on themes Contains some graphic Photo Encyclopedia images Uses: Uses •Image resources •Art Analysis •Examine composition •How do these images relate •Create your own collection Interactive Book About Color Uses •Science of color •IllusionsColor Uncovered is created by Exploratorium the museum of science, art, and humanperception.This site contains many interactive tools and videos.
  15. 15. Apps for Art 123D Sculpt Create Art Rage sculptures Drawing and Painting by starting Contains a variety of tools with various and settings for each tool. forms Decorate by painting and adding other details Let’s Create! Pottery Create pottery using a wheel Fire and glaze your work Sell it at auction Earn “money” to buy more tools
  16. 16. Art Rage Self-Portraits
  17. 17. Interactive Whiteboard •Circle the images •Highlight areas •Sort objects •Rework the composition
  18. 18. Automatic Responders•Have interactive presentations•Guess the artist•Name the style•Elements and Principles Review
  19. 19. Professional CommunityArt Ed 2.0 is a global community of art educators. Connect with art educatorsfrom all over the worldTwitter is described as a real time information network.Follow information, join in on Arts Education Chats,expand your Professional Learning Community
  20. 20. Other ResourcesPearltrees is a social bookmarkingOrganize your favorite sites, connectwith others with similar interests Pinterest is a content sharing service. Create boards, follow others who “pin” art education resources
  21. 21. Websites and BlogsCarrot Revolution NAEAArt Junction Spiral Art EducationThe Art of Education ArtsoniaThe Teaching Palette ArtsConnectEdFugleblog Arts Tool KitCurkovic Arts Edge
  22. 22. Thank you for comingPlease contact me if you have any questions or Classroom Website and Blog