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Screencasting 101


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Screencasting 101

  1. 1. Screencasting 101 Ellen Cordeiro
  2. 2. ObjectivesDefineEducational UsesIdentify ToolsCreate
  3. 3. ScreencastA video of your computer screen with orwithout audio.
  4. 4. Why Screencast? How didAccess my teacher say to doAvailable 24/7 that again?Pause
  5. 5. Educational Examples Click on the Screen Casting Tab
  6. 6. ToolsPaid FreeCamtasia Studio ScreenjellySmart Recorder - comes Screentoasterwith Notebook Software ScreenrSnagit Jing Screenchomp - mobile device
  7. 7. What can it do?Captures both Images and VideoEdit ImagesSave Images and VideoPublish Video
  8. 8. Before you start Some things to know...
  9. 9. That Funky SunScreen selection tool History More
  10. 10. HistoryAllows you to see your previous “jings” so youcan see them again. Can edit images...
  11. 11. Save your JingsGive your screen capture a name and save it toyour hard drive.
  12. 12. Arrow (pointer) Text Box Frames Highlighter Text/Shape Color Selector Undo/RedoNote - these may not be the technical names for these features
  13. 13. Time Limit minutes for screencasts
  14. 14. TipsCreate a scriptPauseShort and sweetPractice
  15. 15. Let’s get Jingy Wit it
  16. 16. Quick Demonstration
  17. 17. Create a Jing Screencast1. Install Jing2. Practice using the screen capture tools3. Create a screencast. Need an idea for a screencast? Show me how to create a wordle OR how to center text in a Word document OR how to create a document in Google docs.4. Upload your screencast and email me the link