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LiveBinders in the Classroom


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This presentation was used to introduce teachers to the awesome LiveBinders Web 2.0 Tool!

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LiveBinders in the Classroom

  1. 1. LiveBinders in theClassroom Ellen Cordeiro @elliemelliePhoto created by cafenut and can be found at
  2. 2. Objectives• What is a LiveBinder?• Classroom Application• Tutorials• Hands-on
  3. 3. What is a LiveBinder?
  4. 4. A way to share and organizeinformation you find on the web.
  5. 5. Photo by Jonathan D. Blundell and can be found at
  6. 6. Organize all your websites, documents,media into tabs and sub-tabs that youcan share on the web.
  7. 7. Let’s look at some examples.
  8. 8. QR Codes in Education By: Steven W. Anderson
  9. 9. Internet Safety By: Mary Warren
  10. 10. Online Communication Presentation By: Kainoa Bowman
  11. 11. Trip to India By: Samantha
  12. 12. Classroom Application• Resources - bookmarks for students/PLN• Presentation - PowerPoint for a Global Audience• ePortfolio• Webquest• Collaborate on Project
  13. 13. TutorialsPrintable Tutorial: Tutorial:Checkout the LiveBinders Youtube Channelfor great video tutorials:
  14. 14. Let’s Create!1. Sign Up for a LiveBinder’s Account2. Create a PRIVATE Binder with an access key you can share with me3. Create four tabs 1. About Me - Include your name and email 2. Favorite Web 2.0 tool - add a link to your favorite Web 2.0 tool 3. LiveBinder - find two LiveBinder samples you like. Add two subtabs under this tab that link to those samples 4. Free Choice - add an image to your free choice tab