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Comics in the Classroom


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This presentation was used with teachers to discuss different ways comics can be used in the classroom.

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Comics in the Classroom

  1. 1. Objectives• Educational Uses Identify Tools• Create Created at
  2. 2. Why Comics?• Motivation - Mimics the writing process fun and easy! One more choice for• Differentiation students to demonstrate understanding
  3. 3. Created at
  4. 4. Comic Created at
  5. 5. Comic created at
  6. 6. Comic Created at
  7. 7. Foreign Language Comic created at
  8. 8. Reflection Comic created at
  9. 9. Using TerminologyComic created at
  10. 10. HistoryComic created at
  11. 11. Instructions for StudentsCreated at
  12. 12. Created at
  13. 13. Created with Toondoo Share your ideas at
  14. 14. Let’s Play! Comify yourself using• Create a comic strip in using the following words: Stump • Teacher • Surprising • Technology
  15. 15. Check out to find more ways to use comics in the classroom!