Allegheny Mountain School


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Phase I of the AMS Fellowship Program.

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Allegheny Mountain School

  1. 1. Allegheny Mountain School2012 Fellowship . . . so far
  2. 2. 2012 Fellows
  3. 3. Grafting Workshop
  4. 4. Kirk passes out knives to cut root stockfor the fellows to graft scion wood onto.
  5. 5. Discussion on fruit tree root stock.
  6. 6. Kirk demonstrates away to cut root stockfor optimal grafting potential.Shown here: whip and tongue method
  7. 7. Charlie, Jessa, and Jenna go for the graft!
  8. 8. BeekeepingWorkshop
  9. 9. The basics of bee keeping - Nicole informs the fellows.
  10. 10. Chelsea assists Laurie in lighting the smoker. Smoke helps keep bees subdued.
  11. 11. Allegheny Fellows get suited up!Bees can get a bit feisty in the rain, so we waited our time out in the hoop house. Top: Fellows and Nicole (local bee keeper) Bottom: Jenna and Lisa show off the latest fashions
  12. 12. A look inside one of the bee boxes. This hive is happy and healthy!
  13. 13. Bee-utiful Bees!
  14. 14. TuesdayHikes with Pen
  15. 15. Magical MedicinalsFellows Charlie and Chelsea discover a rotting tree hasbecome home for some reishi mushrooms.
  16. 16. Friday Farmers’ Market Fun!Highland Center, MontereyFriday from 3:30-6 pm
  17. 17. Permaculture Farm Tour: Radical Roots
  18. 18. Jenna and Kayla inspect some perennial shrubs. (Right) Dave’s high tunnel allowshim to have produce in three- seasons. (Below)
  19. 19. Dave shares the mission of Radical Roots: Radical Roots Farm catalyzes positive changeby growing high quality, ecologically grown vegetables, educating about permaculture & sustainable agriculture and living this vision.
  20. 20. Rock SolidStone Workshop
  21. 21. Project I:Retaining WallPurpose: To hold back soil ona slope from eroding and also creating a flat surface for planting that is easily accessible from the Beta House.
  22. 22. Project II: Stone Walkway Purpose: A stone walkwaycan handle more traffic with less erosion than a dirt walkway. Since the area in front of thehoop house entrance receives high traffic, placing stone in this area preserves the walkway for years to come.
  23. 23. Soil ConservationWith Bobby Whitescarver
  24. 24. Cabell Finds Contour!
  25. 25. Lisa, Jenna, and Sam(dog) give it a whirl!
  26. 26. Tool sharpeningwith Mr. Collins
  27. 27. Just a day in theProduction Garden…Lookin’ good, Cabell!
  28. 28. Jessa weeds a bed ofcabbage and beans.
  29. 29. Foraging for Mushrooms with SkipFellows received workshops both in cultivating mushrooms as well as foraging. The microclimatessurrounding AMS and in thevalley make an ideal foraging location for the diversity of mushrooms that are able to thrive here.
  30. 30. Fermenting Fun!Dawn leads the fellows in fermentation basics up in the lodge.
  31. 31. Sauerkraut andLacto-fermented pickles! Top: fellows go on a cabbage chopping spree!Right: Cabell happily displays chopped greens and beets to accompany the cabbage for the kraut.
  32. 32. Taste of Highland
  33. 33. Along with local foods coordinator, AMS fellows helped to cater the 3rd Taste of Highland
  34. 34. Succession Gardening Workshop Village manager Coriena Reynolds uses a neighbor’s garden to lead a workshop in season expansion and making the most of your garden.
  35. 35. Chicken Processing
  36. 36. With the help of a local farmer, fellows slaughtered andprocessed eight roosters. The meat will be used to feed both this years fellows and next year’s cohort.