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We are planning a seminar in ICT building in Turku on such topic. There are more to hear than to see. You are welcome to participate! It will take place on the week 18. For further details please sent me email to

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China business policy_and_culture

  1. 1. China Business, Policy and Culture Wenying Li
  2. 2. China world’s factory – the Supply textiles, chemicals, fertilizers, processed foods, machinery, iron and steel, building materials, plastics, toys, electronics China is already the third largest economy in the world accounts for 7.5% of the world’s total economic activity. it's on track to pass Japan in 2010 and the U. S. as soon as 2020?
  3. 3. China’s Business Development
  4. 4. Fortune 500 – year 2009 In comparison of 16 Chinese companies in 2005
  5. 5. China’s Economy
  6. 6. See if you are already late! Net exports account for only about 20% of its GDP growth. Infrastructure and capital investment account for the rest.
  7. 7. China’s policies Beginning of Market-orientation decentralization of control "special economic zones" to attract foreign investment, advanced technologies and management Preferential policies, Reducing or eliminating customs duties Income tax Allow foreign business people to open financial institutions, and run tertiary industries
  8. 8. 23 provinces 4 municipalities – Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing 5 autonomous regions 2 Special Administrative Regions
  9. 9. Did I find my business the best location? Source: National statistics in 2009
  10. 10. Contribution of business coastline Source: National statistics in 2009
  11. 11. China’s political structure Source: BBC News
  12. 12. ‘Yesterday and Today’ ‘Yesterday’ when global economy was in downturn Beijing's massive $586 billion stimulus program More than $1 trillion in new lending What is China’s plan for ‘tomorrow’, settled by the National People’s Congress this spring?
  13. 13. Comments from westerners ‘China has made it absolutely clear that if we want to play on their manor, we play by their rules. And these are not rules that are necessarily consistent with western ideals of fair play and free trade.’ (BBC news China's manor, China's rules, Robert Peston | 10:51 UK time, Monday, 29 March 2010 )
  14. 14. Culture – From start to History China had thousands of years of prosperity It involved in and was once as a centre of international affairs since 206 B.C. Several peak periods: Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – 220) Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) Song Dynasty (960 – 1279)
  15. 15. Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – 220) Exchanges with neighbour countries extended to East Asia, Europe and North Africa. Marine Silk Road was established to strengthen the trade and cultural exchange. Silk, casting, irrigation, paper-making techniques
  16. 16. Prosperous Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) Business and cultural centre in Asia Dealing with over 70 countries Japanese visited 13 times; year 717, 733 and 838 came delegation of over 550 people Technology export (farming, water, printing, copper refining) Confusion education for foreign students Decimal system and administrative system export Three formal Silk Channels
  17. 17. Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) Dealing with over 50 countries in Asia and Africa; Trading in china, silk, fragrance, literature, medicine and many fine designed handcrafts and instruments; Chinese copper currency was found from 28 places in Japan – 553,000 pieces, 82.4% from Song Dynasty.
  18. 18. Never out-of-date ‘fashion’ Style Design Taste Details Art and Quality craft
  19. 19. My Question Time Is the picture of China still as the same as the one you had before my presentation? How much percentage do you think you understand China? Do you want China to be part of your knowledge or you prefer to be pushed one day to know it?
  20. 20. What do you face more each day?
  21. 21. What can we do for you? Without your participation: With your participation: Linguistic and cultural Language training translation Tailored Chinese Political message etiquette training interpretation business seminars & Outsourcing workshop Third party verification Project trouble shooting and research Business delegation organisation High-tech training organisation in China Human resources