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Ronit life skills


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Ronit's WNchoosingkind news

Published in: Education
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Ronit life skills

  1. 1. Good Things By: Ronit 4N
  2. 2. The Boys Without a heart
  3. 3. Half a Heart The boys were born with half a heart. Their both 19, named Jason, and are born only 25 days apart, and both have no left side of the heart. They both have had life-saving transplants. One Jason had 3 heart transplants not when he was a child, and the other Jason had 4 heart transplants at age 2. One Jason is in the picture in the right, surfing. He stopped growing at age 10.
  4. 4. He is an amazing person. They strived to the end of this, and he persuaded in life, instead of other people, who just die because of their hands getting cut off. I chose this because so many people die because of waiting, in fact, that 120,000 people are dying every year while waiting to get life saving surgeries. In America, it is still happening, but less, like Mrs. Nicholson’s son, Ben was in severe pain and she drove 90mph to get to the hospital, because the ambulance is slow and is not getting there in time and they are dying, so you guys are so lucky to get there and not die. So every time be thankful for your good health.
  5. 5. Here is a video which will touch your hearts.
  6. 6. Hope knows no fear. It blossoms in the abysmal abyss. It secretly strengthens and feeds promise. - Sai Chinmoy
  7. 7. The End!