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Treatment music video

  1. 1. TreatmentWorking Title: Town Of Temples – The Mighty HandsProposed Duration: 4.10 minutesCompletion Deadline: 28th March 2013Target Audience:My music video is predominately aimed at females from 16-20 who have a keen interest in acoustic andalternative rock music. The audience are at college or school and may be working part time. They enjoyattending gigs with their friends and attending festivals in the summer where they can see their favouritebands as well as up and coming musicians. They will also enjoy watching films like 500 Days of Summer,Submarine and You Instead and will also enjoying reading classic literary works.Background: This music videos aim is to extend the audience of my chosen artist allowing their music toreach a wider audience helping to extend their fan base. My aim is to introduce the band into the musicindustry whilst also giving the audience a sense of what the bands aims and vision is like to increaseinterest for future sales and buzz.Research: Locations, props, applicable laws, etc.Laws- Copyright laws have been looked into allowing myself to gain copyright rights to the track, whichhave been given by the band allowing me to use the track.Props- The cost of props is something that has been examined within the budget.Locations- Locations have been chosen but research may have to be taken to see if it is legal to film onthe properties as it may be owned.Synopsis:The music video will begin with a quote, which is talking about relationships, and love, which will thenfade into a shot showing a female sitting on a bench alone looking over a town with its lights lit up. Thenext shot will show a male and female walking along talking and laughing. A progression of shotsshowing them together through out the video. They will then be at the seaside playing arcade games andgetting ice cream whilst also sitting looking out over the sea in the late afternoon. The two will then havean argument resulting in both characters walking in separate directions then I will show each actor on Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. their own in similar places. As the music video draws to an ending the shoot of the girl on the bench willappear again however this time the boy enters the shot and sits next to her and places his arm around herthen the shot fades to black.Style:The video will show the relationship between a male and a female and how it progresses over time so thevideo will have a sensitive and sweet mood to it. It will focus on the fun between the two and the love so itwill be gentle but may have some funny aspects but it will not be a continuously funny video.Approximate budget requirements:The budget needed for the project is: £21,397.75This budget covers the cost of filming equipment, costumes, legalities, travel, cast and crew and editingresources which includes: - A camera, 2 Lighting Lamps and a Tripod - Editing Suite & Editor - Camera and Lighting Operator, Director, Storyboard Artist and Costume, Make Up & Hair Stylist - 2 actors and 10 extras - Travel expenses (train) - Legalities (copyright fees) - DVD’s - Costume & Make Up Kit - Props (polaroid camera) Page 2 of 2