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  1. 1. What have you learned from youraudience feedback?Ellen Brooking
  2. 2. Pre ProductionDuring my pre production I conducted a questionnaire which allowedme to see what the audience wanted from the product which helpedme to develop a product that fitted to their needs and wants. Byconducting the questionnaire I was able to look at every aspect of myproject allowing my pieces to apply and fit the audience with whatthey wanted.Through my questionnaire I looked at the visual and the contextualside of all my pieces which really helped me to gain an understandingof what the audience truly wanted and how I could apply my results tomy secondary research to create a extremely successful product.Through the collection of all my research and especially my primaryresearch and audience feedback I was able to highlight what I neededto create and how I could encompass it into my products. One of themain benefits of conducting audience feedback work was that itallowed me to look at every area which I think really helped me toimprove the standard of my work whilst also creating a product thatwould appeal to my audience in a specific style. The questionnaire alsoallowed me identify my target audience which really helped me tofocus the narrative and style in my production pieces which ultimatelyallows my products to appeal to my audience more create a targetspecific piece rather than a piece that some of the target may like.Under 1625%16-2060%21-2510%26-305%Age RangeFullTimeStudent65%PartTimeStudent20%PartTimeWorker10%Unempoloyed5%Employent Status
  3. 3. Post ProductionAfter I had completed my main task and ancillary task Ishowed my products to people who would fit in my targetaudience which allowed me to see if I had effectively created aproduct that fulfilled the needs and wants of my targetaudience. After creating a focus group which fulfilled thecriteria of my target audience I asked them a couple ofquestions which allowed me to gather their thoughts andopinions on the products that I have created. I asked them acouple of questions which allowed me to gain a better insightinto what they though of the product as well as how theythought the products worked together as a completed package.I asked some select questions and here are the responses that Iwas able to collect.
  4. 4. Ancillary Tasks In my questionnaire I asked my target audience theiropinions on different aspects of the ancillary task I createdwhich allowed me to see how the product appealed theaudience and how it could be improved to ensure that theaudience needs and wants are cared for. One of the mainpoints that I was able to obtain from my questionnaire is mytarget audience opinion on whether the ancillary taskswork well together My audience all said that they think theproduct work well together to create a completeappearance; many pointed out the use of the sea and themodels as a piece that really helped to connect the pieces.The use of the blue and green colouring was mention a lotwhich allowed me to see that the use of a house style andtheme really worked to create a successful style within thework.The audience feedback also allowed me to identify that the use of theimages helped to create a theme throughout the work. The style of theancillary tasks helps to create an overall feel which my target audiencethinks works well to highlight the style. My target audience seemed to besplit whether the layout and style was to simple or whether it fitted thestyle of the product. However all of my target audience agreed that theimages used fitted the style and themes within the product whilst alsorepeating how the product work well together as a whole visually.
  5. 5. Main TaskMy target audience all seemed enjoyed the use of anarrative within the video however some felt that itlacked a full plot. They also commented on the useof different colouring within the music video andthe use of different shot types as they though thisworked well to continue the pace when asked aboutthe pace. They also stated that they though that theuse of different locations helped to create diversionwithin the video. A lot of the people I asked like theuse of the first location shown as they thought itreflected the youth and the style of the music videoas well the transition from colour to monotonewhen the mood of the scene changed.When asked about the choice of music some of the people though the music was a little boringand that it never climaxed however a couple of people stated that they thought the pace, musicand narrative worked well together to create an interesting video. One of the people I askedstated that they thought the music video was predominately aimed at females due to the plotand style which suggests that my audience has been made more specific to a particularaudience. The people I asked all stated that they though the use of different colouring helped toexaggerate the mood and the equilibrium within the video.