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Public Relations and Reputation Management for Your Business


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How are you managing your Public Relations?
Make sure your business has a good reputation online!

What do you see when you Google your company name? Learn how online PR can help you improve your company's reputation, boost SEO, score press coverage, and more!
In order to grow your business, it's important to understand how to gather the right statistics and use them to evaluate ROI of your campaigns, write better press releases, or forecast future trends in your industry.

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Public Relations and Reputation Management for Your Business

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  4. 4. Agenda • What is PR? • Establishing Your Publicity Goals • Press Releases • Reputation Management • Dealing with Negative Buzz • Creating Positive Content • Final Thoughts
  5. 5. What is PR? PR, or public relations, is the process of promoting your business on and off the web, while monitoring and reacting to external buzz as it emerges. What can PR do for me? •Share company news/ UVPs •Score press coverage •Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) •Improve online reputation •Absorb consumer/client feedback •Stay competitive
  6. 6. Establishing Your PR Goals Fact of life: No marketing strategy is complete without clearly defined goals. Some ideas: •Get in The New York Times •Get in my local newspaper, a blog covering my industry •Score direct leads from PR efforts •Clean up my online reputation •Boost my search engine rankings •Promote my industry as a whole While you’re at it, establish a budget encompassing money and time.
  7. 7. Press Releases
  8. 8. What is a press release? 20th Century: A document sent out to journalists with information that can be easily adapted into an article. 21st Century: That, and a whole lot more. Modern press releases: •Can stand on their own •Are LONGER (300 to 500 words) • End with general info •Still need all the good stuff up front •Do not need a boilerplate •May need two versions
  9. 9. PR Topics Trust me, you have something to write about. •New products •Special offers/giveaways •Seasonal products •Industry news •Advice (spring cleaning, energy conservation, etc.) •Scare tactics •UVPs •Genuinely cool stories Goal: One press release per month/quarter.
  10. 10. Headlines and First Lines What do journalists and search engines have in common? ADD. Good headlines have: •Company name •Keywords •NEWS
  11. 11. Headlines and First Lines Blah title: Capitalize on the Cyber Monday/Black Friday 2012 Craze With Small Business Internet Marketing Plans from Better title: Ajax Union Offers 10% Off Small Business Internet Marketing Plans in Time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2012 Blah first line: In most industries, this time of year is extremely profitable, with many companies seeing a significant uptick in revenue during the last quarter.
  12. 12. Distribution Online PR Sites •Free •Cheap •Premium Personalized Distribution •Industry PR forms •Editors’ email addresses •Get help from a PR agency Tip: Remember your PR goals.
  13. 13. Reputation Management
  14. 14. Reputation Management Reputation management is the process of monitoring and improving the online image of a brand or individual. Why should I care? •People Google •Stand out •Address customer issues Things to look out for •Bad reviews •Competing/similarly named businesses •Bad press •Images/videos
  15. 15. Google Yourself There are 10 spots on the first page of Google. Can you conquer them all? Tip: Use Google AdWords to claim the first spot in line ASAP.
  16. 16. Google Yourself There are 10 spots on the first page of Google. Can you conquer them all? Tip: Use Google AdWords to claim the first spot in line ASAP.
  17. 17. The First Rule of Fight Club You probably can’t get that review to go away. Especially if it’s… •Old •On •An article OK fine, but how do I get people to join my Fight Club? The goal of reputation management is primarily to obscure/cancel out negative buzz with positive content that’s in your control. (But don’t freak out, everyone has negative reviews. It’s realistic.)
  18. 18. Important Review Pages Which review pages should I care about? •What’s already showing up for your brand on first 2-3 pages of Google •Where your competitors are covered •Google Local •Yelp (but be careful) •Industry (TripAdvisor) •ResellerRatings •Testimonials Page
  19. 19. Consumer Reviews “Happy people don’t kill people.” — Legally Blonde Problem: Angry consumers, disgruntled former employees, and your competition are more motivated to post negative reviews than happy people Solution: Be proactive. Seek out your own good reviews. How? •On your site •In follow-up emails •On the phone •Turn random praise INTO reviews (Facebook, letters) •Offer incentives
  20. 20. But back to Fight Club… Okay, obviously people are talking about Fight Club. i.e., some reviews can be destroyed •Be fast •Resolve, but don’t bribe •Post public response •Follow up + ask them to change the review Smooth jazz: •“We apologize for your negative experience” •“We recently…” renovated, invested in a new customer support team, revised our shipping policy If it’s fraudulent: Contact site authorities; refrain from holding breath Second rule of fight club: DO NOT post fake reviews
  21. 21. Master of Your Domain Expand your online presence with additional profiles you control. •Additional domain • • •Facebook •Twitter •Multimedia content • Image Sharing • Videos Time-tested trick: Google your more successful competitors and friends
  22. 22. Tools of the trade 1. Google Alerts – every day •John Smith •“Johnny Smith” •“Cool Bike Shop” •coolbikeshop •cool bike shop reviews 2. Awesome Screenshot – every week •First two pages for cool bike shop and coolbikeshop •Red, green, yellow boxes •Google Images and Video, if necessary •Google news •Make sure you are logged out of Google. 3. Time.
  23. 23. Final Thoughts • Set Publicity Goals • Write a Press Release! • Google Yourself ASAP • Combat Negative Content with Positive Content
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