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Ice cream social media

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  2. 2. Mushki Deitsch: Social Media Manager Sarah Mogin: Design & Development Ninja
  3. 3. Ice Cream Social [Media] Find out more about Ajax Union's products at:
  4. 4. Agenda • Social Media 101 • Social Media Stats • Setting Goals with Social Media • Facebook • Twitter • Additional Social Networks • Final Thoughts
  5. 5. Social Media 101 Social media connects individuals, brands, and groups through mobile and web technology. Hallmarks of social media: •User-generated content •2 Way Conversation •Frequent updates •Trends •Pages/Profiles •Free(ish) •Advertising •Dynamic
  6. 6. Social Media Stats Monthly Active Users Facebook Twitter Google+ 751 Million 288 Million 359 Million • Smartphone users 18-44 spend 84% of their time on their phones on texting, email, and social media • Over 1 million websites have integrated with Facebook • 80% of users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook
  7. 7. Social Media Stats • 56% of customer tweets are being ignored • 34% of marketers have generated leads on Twitter • The Google +1 button is pushed 5 million times a day • Websites using the +1 button see a 350% increase in page traffic Sources: The Huffington Post, Growing Social Media, MarketingProfs
  8. 8. Setting Goals with Social Media Start with the End in Mind! Understanding the Why Think about: • 1. Your business objectives • 2. Your target audience Action Items: • 3. Establish Metrics • 4. Analyze, Measure and Adjust
  9. 9. Facebook Leverage your existing audience - Email - past orders or newsletter sign up box - Foot traffic - Site Traffic - use social buttons Create and Publish Content - Know your marketing message - Know who your audience is - Use great imagery, strong calls to action, links when necessary - Keep it seasonal - Edgerank - #Hashtags - Publish via Facebook – use scheduler tool
  10. 10. Broadcast with Ads - What are your goals? - Marketplace Ads - Sponsored Stories - Page Post Ads - Ads Manager vs. Power Editor Facebook Contest Time! - What are your goals? - Types of Contests - App Providers Wash, Analyze, Repeat - Page Level Data - Post Level Data - Advertising Performance
  11. 11. Twitter • Broadcast your message in 140 Characters or less • Fast paced and concise • Customer Service - @connect tab • Reach out to key industry experts • Reach out directly to people who are looking for your product/service
  12. 12. Additional Social Networks Google+: Google’s a growing social network that we have to stop ignoring •A must for local businesses •Lots of visual potential •Useful for SEO (long-form content) •Google+ communities Add +1 button your site: Be an individual (not just a brand)
  13. 13. Additional Social Networks Pinterest: visually centric social network that requires a “soft touch” from marketers •Pinterest visits can lead to sales •80% of Pinteresters are female; 50% have children •Pins with prices are 36% more likely to be repinned Don’t pin. Get people to pin.
  14. 14. Additional Social Networks LinkedIn: business network where it’s more important to be established than active •Fill out your profile •Create and fill out your company profile •Focus on personal networking YouTube: video-centric network that you should use even if you don’t have videos •Create/update your channel •Support SEO effort •Create videos that answer questions •Show important content in first 15 seconds
  15. 15. Final Thoughts • Know your Goals • Get Social on Facebook • Outreach on Twitter • Establish a presence on all major networks and compare successes on: • Google+ • Pinterest • LinkedIn • YouTube
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