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Google AdWords Workshop


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We invite you to join Agency Manager David Gscheidle, a Certified Google Trainer, as he teaches you how to advertise your product or service on the Google Search and Display networks.

With this presentation, you will learn Google AdWords Strategies like:
What is Google AdWords?
Organic search results VS paid listings
AdWords Do's and Dont's
How does Google rank advertisements?
Setting up and structuring your AdWords Account
Choosing the right keywords
Writing powerful, results-oriented great ads
Much, much more!

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Google AdWords Workshop

  1. 1. AdWords 101 • Introduction to AdWords • Setting Goals • How Google Ranks Ads • The Importance of Structure • Choosing the Right Keywords • How to Write Great Ads
  2. 2. Introduction to AdWords
  3. 3. What is Google AdWords? AdWords is Google’s online advertising program • Advertisers select keywords; ads appear next to the search results on • Ads can also show on hundreds of thousands of other websites • AdWords is a live auction for keywords
  4. 4. What are your goals? Make a list of goals BEFORE you start advertising so you can evaluate your progress. Marketing is about TESTING! • I want 3 new orders everyday • I’d like as many clicks as possible for less than $.80 per click • I want at least 40 visits to my website everyday • I want five quality leads for my sales team everyday Worksheet #1
  5. 5. Where do my ads appear?
  6. 6. Google’s Search Partners
  7. 7. Google Display Network
  8. 8. Remarketing Ads • Follows visitors who have been to your site • Brings customers back to your page to complete an action • Out of sight, out of mind • Can target different ads for users who searched different products Worksheet #2
  9. 9. How Google Ranks Ads
  10. 10. The Ad Ranking Forumla Ad Rank Maximum Cost-Per-Click Bid (Max. CPC) Quality Score = x
  11. 11. What is your Max CPC? CPC stands for Cost Per Click • Maximum you are willing to bid for a keyword in an AdWords auction
  12. 12. What is Quality Score? Quality Score is a measure of the relevance of your ads. Google’s goal is to provide a great user experience so these score help ranking for the user. POOR OK GREAT
  13. 13. How Google Calculates Quality Score + Click-Through-Rate (CTR) Of the people who saw your ad, how many clicked on it? Relevancy Do your keywords match your ads? Does the search query match your keyword? Does your landing page provide a good user experience? Landing Page Quality +
  14. 14. How Can I Check My Quality Scores?
  15. 15. = x$1.00 8 Alison = x$1.00 10Scott = x$2.35 3Jon 8 10 7 1st 2nd 3rd Ad Rank Max CPC Quality Score The Ad Ranking Formula Alison, Scott, and Jon are all bidding on the same keywords. Based on their Max CPC and Quality Score, where will they rank?
  16. 16. The Importance of Structure
  17. 17. AdWords Account Unique email address & password Billing information Campaign Daily budget Location/language targeting Distribution preference End date Campaign Daily budget Location/language targeting Distribution preference End date Ad Group Keywords Ads Ad Group Keywords Ads Ad Group Keywords Ads Ad Group Keywords Ads Ad Group Keywords Ads Ad Group Keywords Ads Typical AdWords Account Structure
  18. 18. “Furniture” Campaign Furniture Ad Group The Best Furniture Great Selection, Made in USA Free Shipping, 5 Year Warranty. leather sectional rugs dining room table kitchen table brass bed leather headboard dresser leather couch leather loveseat patio furniture table lamp floor lamp kids furniture living room furniture bedroom furniture desk leather chair leather sofa coffee table end table lamp ottoman dining room table media console AdWords Account Poorly Setup Structure
  19. 19. “Leather Sectionals” Ad Group “Leather Chairs” Ad Group “Leather Loveseats” Ad Group Leather Sectionals Leather Sectionals Made in USA From $1,999 With 5 Year Warranty Leather Loveseats Free Delivery When You Buy Before Christmas. Order Yours Today! Leather Chairs Handcrafted Leather Chairs Make a Statement. View Catalog! buy leather sectional suite buy leather sectional suites leather sectional suites leather sectional suite buy leather sectional buy leather sectional leather sectional leather sectionals buy leather love seats buy leather loveseats buy leather love seat buy leather loveseat leather loveseats leather love seats leather love seat leather loveseat buy handmade leather chair buy handmade leather chairs handmade leather chairs handmade leather chair buy leather chairs buy leather chair leather chair leather chairs AdWords Account “Furniture” Campaign The Right Way to Structure Your Account Worksheet #3
  20. 20. How to Choose the Right Keywords
  21. 21. Building Your Keyword List • Brainstorm Business • Review Your Website • Think Like a Customer • Focus on Your Unique Selling Points • Include Plural and Singular Versions • Include Spelling Mistakes & Variations • Include Product Numbers & Codes Worksheet #4
  22. 22. The Google Keyword Tool
  23. 23. Get Creative Looking For Keywords • Instant Search On • Related Searches
  24. 24. Too General Just Right Too Specific vacation tax store bags accounting florida vacation rental tax preparation nashville dvd storage handmade leather bags cheap accounting software 3 br vacation rental grayton beach tax preparation service nolensville rd faux leather storage for dvd box sets handmade black croc leather handbags accounting software for petsitting biz The Goldilocks Principle
  25. 25. Match Type How keyword appears in AdWords: The ad will show when: The ad will show when a searcher types: Broad Caribbean Cruise Any word combination related to part of or all of the keyword or related terms in any order Caribbean Cruise Ships Tropical Cruise +Broad +Modifier +Caribbean +Cruise Words related to every word with a + sign in front of it in any order Caribbean holiday Cruises Cruise holiday in Caribbean Cruise in Carribean “Phrase” “Caribbean Cruise” Keywords are typed in the exact order specified. Can have other words before and/or after. Cheap Caribbean Cruise Caribbean Cruise deals Luxury Caribbean Cruise [Exact] [Caribbean Cruise] Keywords must be only & exactly what the user types in Caribbean Cruise -Negative - Tom Ads will not appear when this search term is entered in the query Add will not show if someone types: Tom Cruise Keyword Match Types
  26. 26. Service provider -become -study -class -classes -course -license -training -jobs -employment -supplies -tools -price Vacation destination -library -doctor -vet -hospital -schools -coffee -cards -history -jobs in -pictures -news -weather Frequently used -free -lyrics -second hand -used -parts -repairs -wholesale -pics -pictures -definition of -history -diy Some Common Negative Keywords Worksheet #5
  27. 27. How to Write Great Ads
  28. 28. Ad title (25 characters max, including spaces) Two description lines (35 characters max each, including spaces) Display URL (35 characters max, including spaces) Destination URL (1024 characters max, including spaces) Ad Text Specifications
  29. 29. What is a Good AdWords Ad? A good ad: • Is relevant to the keywords in the ad group • Gets a high Click-Through-Rate (CTR) • Effectively Sells your Product or Service • Stands out from your competitors • Includes a call to action
  30. 30. Bad AdWords Ads: Vague, Irrelevant, Unclear Ads Ask yourself just 3 questions to help you write great ads!
  31. 31. 1. What Sets Your Business Apart? “We won an award in 2009” “All our products are custom made” “We always show up on time” “We’re open 7 days a week” Why would someone choose your business over a competitor? Examples: “We only sell products made in the USA” “We have a money back guarantee” “We have 30 years experience” “Free shipping if you buy two” “We have lower prices” “We offer free quotes” “We’re having a sale” This helps you write useful ads
  32. 32. 2. Can You Describe Your Products or Services? Describe specific or technical details of your products or services. Examples: “Made from recycled materials” “Battery lasts up to 8 hours” “From $16 per square foot” “Suitable for diabetics” “Dishwasher safe” “Collectors item” “Sizes 8-16” “Evening classes available” “18 day all-inclusive tour” “10 Nashville locations” “24/7 onsite support” “On time or it’s free” “First class is free” “HIPPA compliant”
  33. 33. What is your call to action? After someone clicks on your ad and visits your website, what is it you want them to do next? Examples: “Call us to request a free quote” “Browse through all of our toys” “Book your rental home online” “Download a 30-day free trial” “Sign up for our mailing list” “Learn more about osteoporosis” “Order a copy of our brochure” “Call us and order a pizza” “Request a call back” This helps you write a call to action
  34. 34. Great Ad Example: Worksheet #6
  35. 35. A Quick Recap
  36. 36. Where Ads Show Show ads on, the Search Partners, the Google Display Network. How to Structure an Account Structure your account for success with campaigns, Ad Groups and keywords. How to Select Keywords Keyword match types, the “Goldilocks” principle, using the Google Keyword Tool. How To Write Ads Ad text specifications, tips for writing more effective ads, calls to action. You should now know:
  37. 37. Sign Up Now!
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