Business Networking: Tips For Building Professional Networks


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Join Ajax Union's event team, Elle Spektor and Michael Suarez, as they teach you how to network your way to success.

During this presentation, you will learn:

- How To: Brand Yourself.
- The Do's And Don'ts Of Networking
- How To: Make The Most Out Of Your New Contacts
- How To: Get Business Referrals

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Elle Spektor is a newbie to the field of online marketing. Having chucked her typewriter aside, she came to Ajax Union with the intent of helping businesses grow online. This Bensonhurst-native now spearheads the webinar, seminar, and networking efforts at Ajax Union. Stemming from a background in journalism and business, Elle is the ultimate multi-tasking extraordinaire who actually gets things done. Some colleagues have been known to call her the “solution box”. Elle loves Thai milk bubble tea, anything Carrie Bradshaw, and her kitty, Pumpkin

Michael is the Event Coordinating and Marketing Assistant here at Ajax Union. After graduating from SUNY Albany, he currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. When not planning business events, he can be found spinning records, playing in the ocean, running through the woods (on the weekend), or watching re-runs of one of four TV shows: The Office, Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development or 30 Rock.

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Business Networking: Tips For Building Professional Networks

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  4. 4. Business Networking: Tips For Building Professional Networks Find out more about Ajax Union's services at:
  5. 5. Welcome! • Please ask questions • Post/comment on • Tweet @ajaxunion and at #AjaxUnionWebinar • Follow up!
  6. 6. Today’s Agenda Today We Will Go Over… • What is Business Networking and Why Is It Important? • Setting Your Business Networking Goals • Five Networking Do’s and Don’ts • How To Find The Right Group For You • Three Networking Opportunities For Professionals • Upcoming Events / Q&A
  7. 7. Business Networking “Casual networking is fun, but smart networking is a science.” Networking allows you to stand out in a way that other outlets do not. The “Human Moment” by Edward Hallowell - Helps build confidence and trust in business
  8. 8. Why Do People Network? Sales-Related 1. Meet new prospects 2. Get personal referrals 3. Achieve word-of-mouth publicity 4. Create active ambassadors for your brand Not Sales-Related 1. Find a new job/career 2. Receive visibility (think: Personal-level or Business-level) 3. Get fresh, new ideas 4. Get invitations to exclusive events, speaking engagements, etc.
  9. 9. Crafting An Elevator Pitch How long does it take for you to describe what your business does? Purpose: Communicate what your business does; quickly Length: 30 seconds – 1 minute max Tips: 1. Write it down 2. Make it about the client 3. Mention your name and company name at the end
  10. 10. Start with an elevator pitch Brian Walter – Speaker/Coach – Wow How Now Example Prospect: So, what do you do? Me: I help build PowerPoint muscles. Prospect: Huh? Me: I teach people how to use PowerPoint more effectively in business. Now, for instance, I’m working with a global consulting firm to train all their senior consultants to give better sales presentations so they can close more business.
  11. 11. Start with an elevator pitch Richard Fouts – Gartner Analyst – SIR Principle Situation | Impact | Resolution Creating conflict; Escalating the conflict and then resolving the conflict. Example You know how most business people use PowerPoint but most use it pretty poorly? Well, bad PowerPoint has all kinds of consequences – sales that don’t close, good ideas that get ignored, time wasted building slides that could have been used developing or executing strategies. My company shows businesses how to use PowerPoint to capture those sales, bring attention to those great ideas and use those wasted hours on more important projects.
  12. 12. Setting Your Business Networking Goals “If you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail.” What Are YOUR Business Networking Goals?
  13. 13. Networking Do’s and Don’t’s DO: Your Homework! DON’T: Forget To Set Goals • Research the event attendees • Practice your elevator pitch • Get there early • Make a mental note of 3-5 persons who you definitely may want to speak to. • Who is hosting this event? Who are their sponsors? It’s always good to know their background information. • Go in with purpose. • Knowing what you want to get out of the night will help you along the way.
  14. 14. Networking Do’s and Don’t’s DO: Network with a purpose. DON’T: Hard Sell. Networking with a purpose is more than meeting as many people as you can. It is about discovering what you may have in common and discovering ways to work together. Listen. Respond. Rotate. Lose the sales pitch. Talk to people, connect with them. If you try to sell to hard you’re just going to annoy whoever you’re speaking to and miss out on a potential business relationship.
  15. 15. Networking Do’s and Don’t’s DO: Give and get referrals. DON’T: Be on your phone all night! “Even though you might not need [name of service; e.g. marketing] help right now, do you know anyone that would? I would love to be able to help them grow their business.” Pair people up, and they’ll return the favor. As with any social situation, being on your phone the entire time is rude. Meet people. Connect with people. You can check your twitter later.
  16. 16. Networking Do’s and Don’t’s DO: Make them remember you. DON’T: Misrepresent Yourself Don’t act. A fake persona will do nothing but hurt you. Be yourself. Focus on meeting the crowd, mingling, and achieving your networking goals.
  17. 17. Networking Do’s and Don’t’s DO: Follow up. DON’T: Try to meet everyone. •80 percent of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact •48% of professionals do not follow up with a prospect You won’t be able to. And if you do, chances are you didn’t get to actually connect with anyone. Set your goals, decide which type of people you want to meet, and go from there. REMEMBER: One solid contact is better than 100 business cards.
  18. 18. Opportunities Three Networking Opportunities For Professionals • Experiment with networking types • Mingling Events • Speed Networking • Professional Conferences and Seminars • Business Panels • Virtual Events • Tradeshow marketing & networking • Event Sponsorship
  19. 19. •48% of event attendees say face-to-face interactions are more valuable today than two years ago •43% of people believe that the value of face-to-face interactions will continue to go up •84% of people feel events and experiential marketing is considered very important / critical by their organizations. Tradeshow Marketing
  20. 20. • Brand awareness reinforcement • Build or expand brand awareness • New product or service promotions and launches • Promotions targeting specific business sectors How can tradeshow marketing help your company? Tradeshow Marketing
  21. 21. 1. Plan far in advance 2. Distribute a press release 3. Reach out to fellow exhibitors before the show via email 4. Look for networking events pre-show. Tradeshow Marketing & Networking
  22. 22. 5. Make sure you have a nice table display with your marketing materials 6. Prepare perks for trade show attendees 7. Run a contest at the show 8. Follow Up Tradeshow Marketing & Networking
  23. 23. Event Sponsorship • Company Branding • Maximum exposure • Face-to-face leads Visit for more information!
  24. 24. Finding The Right Group For You Meetup Eventbrite Chambers of Commerce Event Mailers Media Listings Blogs Referrals Bonus: Google! Remember: Check ratings.
  25. 25. Tying it All Together: Final Thoughts Business Networking is only one slice of the orange if you want to grow your business. Use these marketing strategies in conjunction with one another for faster, more effective results! • Email Marketing • Social Media • Blogging • Online PR • Google AdWords • Video Marketing • Much, Much More!
  26. 26. Quick Recap Today We Discussed… •What is Business Networking and Why Is It Important? • Setting Your Business Networking Goals • Five Networking Do’s and Don’ts • How To Find The Right Group For You • Three Networking Opportunities For Professionals
  27. 27. SPECIAL BONUS!
  28. 28. Speed Networking Event Your Next Connection Is Just A Handshake Away... For more events, visit WHEN: September 30th, 6 p.m. HOW: Register for this workshop by signing up at: OR EMAIL :
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