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Media final

  1. 1. 'What is the role of the media and film in influencing fashion?' Figure 1. Source: social-media-strategy
  2. 2. Overview •Determining the role of media and film and its influences on fashion. • Looking at the world of technology and breaking down different social media platforms. • Looking at both positive and negative effects. • How will the fashion industry look in the future?
  3. 3. New Technology - Social Media •Technological advances change the way we think and socialize. socialize •These advances change the industry of fashion. •Globalization has pushed the limits of fashion and expression.
  4. 4. New Technology - Social Media • The primary goal of the media is to: • ‘Provide the public with information about current affairs, social issues, and general topics’ - Sherman & Perlman • The public seeks information within the media for the interpretation and clarification of it.
  5. 5. New Technology - Social Media • ‘Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, fashion and lifestyle blogs have become highly reputable and it is constantly effecting us, telling us ‘what is cool’ and ‘what is right in time’’. - Social Media Week
  6. 6. New Technology - Social Media •Social media enables people to express themselves and to identify personal styles. •Social media works as a social identifying tool • ‘Fashion has traditionally been desirable from a brands perspective, it is an experience with very detailed feelings and emotions they hope to craft for the wearer’. - Social Media Week
  7. 7. New Technology - Social Media •Brands struggled with marketing on social media. •Digital and e-commerce launches of new products on the market made it possible for luxury brands to keep costs low in an economic competitive business.
  8. 8. New Technology - Social Media • Online Shopping • Receiving and sharing information about latest trends through social media. • The fashion industry has now become an arena that everyone can have access to.
  9. 9. Body Image • New technology has created a technological revolution. • One side of this will be how brands express their image through media. • ‘Something we can see though our eyes has a much more powerful affect on us than a written text’. - Fashion Media and Promotion a visual picture
  10. 10. Body Image •The decoder makes up their own story where every self composed story is unique. •It is difficult to control how readers receive messages. •Can cause negative reactions. Figure 2. Source: ‘People don’t passively absorb subliminal inputs from the screen. They discursively ‘make sense of’ or produce readings of what they see’. - Martin Lister
  11. 11. Film • Film and social media is different in the way they are created to affect people. • Fashion that is exposed onto media platforms has a goal to shape opinions around one style. • A film aims to create a feeling that directly will affect the audience.
  12. 12. Film Case Study: Downtown Abbey Figure 3,4 & 5. Source: enchantedserenityperiodfilms.blogspot
  13. 13. The Future • Technological advances change. • More fashion brands are developing online shopping websites where you can shop online and have the fashion delivered straight at your door. • Media has an impact on how we think and how we want to express ourselves. • We create opinions around what we see. • Often what we see meets our expectations, sometimes it does not effect us in any way, and we go on and forget.
  14. 14. References • Enchanted Serenity Period Films (2010) ‘Costume Designer for Downton Abbey - Susannah Buxton’ Available from: • High Snobiety (2012) ‘Victoria’s Secret “Very Sexy” Collection Look book’ Available from: • Lister, M (2013). ‘The photographic image to digital culture’, Comedia: France. • Sheridan, J (2010). ‘Fashion, Media and Promotion - the new black magic’, Blackwell's publishing, West Sussex: United Kingdom • Sherman, G.J. and Perlman, S.S. (2010) ‘Fashion public relations’, Susan Hobbs: USA • Social-media-strategy (2012) ‘Define Your primary Social Media Strategy Template’ Available from: