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National sport of mango republic


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National sport of mango republic

  1. 1. National Sport of Mango Republic -
  2. 2. Ever heard of polo?Polo is a sport using two goals and teams of four onhorse back. The aim of the game is to score goals fromhorse back with a stick and a wooden ball. Pitches areusually 360 yards long by 160 yards wide. The moderngame lasts roughly two hours and is divided intoportions of time called chukkas. The winner is the teamwith the most goals.
  3. 3. Ideas -• Water football• Waterskiing• Yachting• Polo
  4. 4. We decided…to take advantage of the beautiful beaches ofMango Republic. We decided to have a Polorace, where there is one ball per horse andrider, and the standard length stick. The aim is towin by racing a kilometer along the beach. Thewinning team has the most players back in theallocated time (bogey time – set time of anaverage time, team has to be finish before this)with their stick and ball. We have named this XCPolo.
  5. 5. Rules- No obstruction or contact to any players- No obstructing the other team- Sticks must only come into contact with your own ball- The line of ball must not be obstructed- Teams of no more than four- No going more than 50 metres out from the centre- Standard Olympic Rules (No performance drugs)- Horses/Ponies must be trotted up first so they are not seen as unfit for the event- No stopwatches- A minimum of one player must finish. If no player finishes in under the bogey time then there will be a rematch.- There are 4 rounds, named Chukkas and every rounds the teams must swap ends- The overall score is counted by PLAYERS who get to the finish in time- Maximum string of five per player
  6. 6. Allowed bits (part of Bridle)e) Bitless bridles or hackamores - Are not allowed.f) The use of a Micklem Multibridle is permitted.g) Bitguards - Are not allowed.h) Nosebands - One only of either the cavesson, drop or flash must be worn. Grackle nosebands are permitted onlyfor Eventing. Nosebands must not incorporate chain or rope. Nosebands should be correctly fitted and should notcause discomfort.i) Bits - snaffles - Bits should follow the configuration of those illustrated.Unless bits follow the configuration of those illustrated below they are not permitted.1. Loose ring snaffle2. Egg-butt snaffle3. Racing snaffle D-ring4. Egg-butt snaffle with cheeks5. Snaffle with upper cheeks only6. Straight bar snaffle. Permitted also with mullen mouth & egg-butt rings7. Double jointed with roller in the centre8a, b, c Snaffle with jointed mouthpiece where middle piece is rounded
  7. 7. Round oneRED TEAM BLUE TEAM 1 2 2km
  8. 8. Round two BLUE TEAM - RED TEAM -Total - 4 Total - 4
  9. 9. Round 3Red Team Blue Team 5 6
  10. 10. Round 4Blue Team Red Team 7 8
  11. 11. So..The winner would be red team as they got themost players back.