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Top car care tips for winter

My Business Central presents PPT on Top 10 winter car care tips to help you avoid any chilly car trouble. This PPT tells you about car care tips to give you peace of mind during fall and winter driving.

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Top car care tips for winter

  1. 1. Top 10 Car Care Tips For Winter
  2. 2. Protect Your Car’s Paint Protect your car’s paint from rain, snow, and salt by applying car wax and polish to your vehicle’s body. This will help protect your car from rain, falling leaves and debris before the winter weather hits.
  3. 3. Get Your Brakes Checked If you are up to date with your servicing, getting a brake check can still be worthwhile. Worn brakes can extend your stopping distance and increase the risk of crashing on a wet road.
  4. 4. Replace Windscreen Wiper Blades Damage from the summer heat and sun make wipers less effective at removing water. This will make it harder to see out your windscreen in the rain.
  5. 5. Clean Your Windscreen Don’t wait for someone to write a note in the dust. For maximum winter visibility, clean all your windows with a chamois or a sheet of newspaper and methylated spirits.
  6. 6. Check Your Tyres Tyres do eventually wear out. If the pressure is too low, or tyres are worn below the legal 1.5mm limit, they’ll have less grip on the road. Less grip can increase your stopping distance.
  7. 7. Check Your Car Lights Front and rear please. You’ll use them more in wet weather to see the road, and also to help other people see you coming.
  8. 8. Watch The Battery Cold weather can take its toll on car batteries, make sure battery terminals are clean. And remember – turn off the lights when you turn off the car.
  9. 9. Change Your Oil And Filters Dirty oil and winter don’t mix. Change your oil and filters at recommended intervals. Get your mechanic to check the fuel, air and transmission filters at the same time.
  10. 10. Garage Your Car Park your car under cover at night if possible. Avoid parking on the lawn as damp rising condenses on engine and ignition parts (which can cause current leakage). Condensation under the bonnet can also cause rust.
  11. 11. Prepare An Emergency Kit Prepare an emergency kit and keep it in your car in the event that you suddenly find yourself stranded. Have your phone ready with you as well as extra food, water, flashlight, flares, and a first-aid kit.
  12. 12. What To Do If You Stuck
  13. 13. Go To Auto Tech Wynyard, Sydney Get a one year car care package service for $59 at Auto Tech Wynyard, Sydney. The package includes the labour for one major service, one minor service, one e-safety inspection (pink slip), one puncture repair and one diagnostic scan.
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