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Bpoe bowling club_application_form 2012


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Bpoe bowling club_application_form 2012

  1. 1. 28th Annual Colorado River Classic At the South Point Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada Hosted By: Southeast District Elks Bowling Club Post Office Box 476, Calimesa, CA 92320-0476Captain’s Name____________________________ Mixed-Four Entry FormCaptain’s Email Address_____________________Address___________________________________ Elks and FriendsCity___________________________State_______ February 11-12, 2012Zip___________Phone(___)__________________ Team Lineups will not be changed Use full names and list bowlersElks Lodge Name________________#__________ in the order they will bowl.Please choose a squad picking a first, second, and third choice: Open To All BowlersSaturday 9am _____ Saturday 12 noon FULL Saturday 3pm _____LEAVE MALE INDICATE ESTABLISHED BYBLANK BOWLERS’ NAMES FEMALE AVERAGE NON-ELK USBC # MALEENTERING AVERAGES: Use last year’s 2011 book average, the one established on or about 4/15/11. If none, usehighest current 21 game average, 30 days prior to entry closing as of 1/10/12. If none, Men 200, Women 180. WRITTENVERIFICATION is needed for all current average bowlers or bowlers who do NOT have a USBC # in the form of a CURRENTLEAGUE SHEET. There is no 10 pin rule.ENTRY FEE: “MIXED-FOUR TEAM” ONLY COMPLETEDDistrict Charities, Bowling Fees, Tournament Expenses____ $ 20.00 ENTRY FORMS WILLPrize Fund___________________________________________$ 4.00Major Project________________________________________ $ 1.50 BE ACCEPTED!!Round Robin and Singles______________________________ $ 4.50Entry Cost per Team Member__________________________ $ 30.00 MAKE ALL CHECKSTotal Team Entry (4 x $30.00)__________________________ $ 120.00 PAYABLE TO:No Entry will be accepted without total fee payment (Less any pre-app deposit) S.E.D.E.B.C.TEAM CAPTAIN CERTIFICATION: ANDI hereby attest that all the information entered above is correct and that MAIL TO:all data has been verified. Please indicate all NON-ELK males. IT IS THETEAM CAPTAIN’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE that all information is S.E.D.E.B.Ccorrect. PLEASE RE-CHECK ALL DATA! P. O. BOX 476 Calimesa, CA 92320-0476TEAM CAPTAIN’S SIGNATURE DATE PRE-APP ENTRIES MUST BE RETURNED BY DECEMBER 15, 2011 OR PRE-APP DEPOSIT WILL BE FORFEITED! Amount due with this application (__$120.00_________), due no later than December 15th 2011