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Taking notes from a video: Animal observations


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Use this page to help students take notes on animal observations.

Published in: Education
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Taking notes from a video: Animal observations

  1. 1. Animal: Date: URL or search term: Live footage ______ Who made or posted it: Video_____________ Physical Appearance Location Size: _________________________________________ _____________________ Color: ________________________________________ Shape: _______________________________________ Weather _____________________ Special Characteristics: _________________________ ______________________________________________ Other: ________________________________________ # of target animals Behaviors visible (tally as more appear) # of other species visible Questions/Other comments
  2. 2. Animal Observation Notes Taking Notes from a Video: Animal Behavior The best way to learn about an animal’s behavior is to watch it in the wild. Of course, we can’t always get to remote or distant habitats. So the next best thing is to watch live animal cams or recorded video footage. As you watch, keep these things in mind:  Be sure to pay attention to where the video or camera feed is coming from. Is it live or recorded? How long ago was it taken?  You may need to watch a video more than once. You can also use the pause button so that you don’t miss important details while you are writing.  While the notes sheet can help you to think about what to notice, you do not need to fill it out completely. Just look for what makes the most sense to record what is important about this observation. This is just what scientists do!
  3. 3.  Be as clear and descriptive as possible in your observations. Try to state only what you see (“The mockingbird flew at the cardinal”) instead of opinions (“The mockingbird was mean”).  Your observations can become firsthand information to put into a report. Just be sure to cite the video or the animal cam website.