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Writing an Introduction: Persuasive Essay


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Writing an Introduction: Persuasive Essay

  1. 1. The introduction to a piece of persuasive writing has two main jobs: To “hook” the reader’s attention. To introduce the topic of the piece of writing.Persuasive writing is a little tricky because no one really wants to bepersuaded. As a writer, you have to be subtle. You need to addressyour audience and show that you understand the reader’s point ofview, while also stating your position clearly.Let’s look at some bad examples of introductions. What do younotice?Position: People should use reusable water bottlesAudience: StudentsExample Why is this a poorintroduction?You probably don’t know how bad itis to use disposable water bottles.Plastic water bottles are terrible! Well,you are in luck because I am going toshow you all of the reasons why youshould use reusable water bottles.Hey you! Yes, I’m talking to you!Step away from the water bottle. Yeah,it looks nice and good, but it’s reallyterrible.E. Kissner 2013Writing an Introductionto a persuasive essay
  2. 2. In fact, a well-written introduction to a persuasive piece of writingshould include these elements:An interesting “hook” to get the reader’s attentionA statement that shows that you understand the reader’s pointof view (a concession statement)A clearly stated positionRead the introduction below. Find all three parts of a goodintroduction and label the boxes.Now, you will write theintroduction to your persuasive essay. Use the boxes and thelines below to include the important elements.E. Kissner 2013Imagine 29 billion water bottles, stretched end toend. Would they fill up a forest? A meadow? Allof the places that you love? Cheap, convenientwater bottles are an easy way to quench yourthirst. It might seem simple to just buy a quickwater bottle to take on a hike or to a sports event.After all, Americans use 29 billion plastic waterbottles each year. But these water bottles are notthe bargain that they seem. Cheap plastic waterbottles waste resources, create pollution, andcause more problems than they solve.Crafting Your Introduction
  3. 3. E. Kissner 2013HookBegin by putting anidea in yourreader’s mind. Startwith a concreteimage, a quote, or astartling fact.ConcessionWrite a sentence ortwo to show thatyou understandyour reader’s pointof view.Position StatementWrite your positionand your reasons ina sentence.