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Making l1s by cj stambaugh


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Making l1s by cj stambaugh

  1. 1. Making L1s and the Welcome Wagon L2 CJ Stambaugh New Britain, CT
  2. 2. Overview ●Qualifications ●The Candidate ●Pre-Test ●Testing ●Post-Test ●Welcome Wagon
  3. 3. Qualifications - Official ●Acted as a judge 2x in past 6 months ●Interview and recommendation from L2 ●Knowledge of tournament structure ●Pass the L1 exam
  4. 4. Additional Qualifications ●Member of LGS community ●Personable ●Can run an event without assistance ●JAR Knowledge ●CR Knowledge ●2HG Knowledge
  5. 5. Meeting the Candidate ●Establish a stable form of communication oEmail oPhone/Text/VOIP oIn person ●Set a goal oGive a timeline oEnsure you’re always working toward that goal
  6. 6. Candidate as a Player ●How other players view them ●Type of player can influence oSpike oJohnny oTimmy ●Types of tournaments played
  7. 7. Other Interests ●Different styles of judging oBoard Gaming - rules oriented oVideo Gaming - execution oriented oOrganized Sports - team/leadership oriented ●Relate interests to judging ●Judging should be fun
  8. 8. Relevant Experience ●Event Organization ●Customer Service ●Knowledge Oriented ●Philosophy Oriented
  9. 9. Knowledge Level ●Rules knowledge with targeted examples oLayer 7 (P/T) and sub-layers oCasting a spell (and related subjects) oAbilities oAP/NAP ●JAR knowledge ●Resources
  10. 10. Pre-Test ●Ensure resources oGenerate questions or practice test oOnline resources ●Read the JAR ●Observe them at events ●Feedback oFocus on Areas for Improvement
  11. 11. Testing ●Give time on the floor ●Give immediate feedback ●Review previous gaps in knowledge ●Materials ●Testing space ●Testing not at an event
  12. 12. Not Passing the Test ●Review the test oIncorrect answers oQuestions involved in previous weaknesses ●Find a reason oKnowledge gaps oTesting technique oPreparation ●Get a timeline for retesting
  13. 13. Passing the Test ●Congratulations! ●Review test ●Use the New L1 Checklist ●Complete the WW webform
  14. 14. Welcome Wagon - What? ●L2 tests L0 as normal ●Checklist ●Webform ●Welcome letter ●… ●Profit!
  15. 15. Welcome Wagon - Why? ●New L1s have questions ●Gives resources ●Lets RC/AC know ●Connect to other judges ●What to do next
  16. 16. Resources ● ● ● ● ● ●