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Modern Development Workflow


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Published in: Technology
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Modern Development Workflow

  1. 1. The Modern Development Workflow Automate, Automate, Automate! Net Perspective, LLC.
  2. 2. Before We Get Started… • I Am… o Daniel Cousineau • Lead Developer at Net Perspective, LLC • • We Are… o Full service web agency (development) firm based out of College Station, TX • About This Topic… o The utilities presented are biased towards PHP and OSS • All are interchangeable with other languages and utilities o We are always improving and getting better o Constructive feedback always welcome Net Perspective, LLC.
  3. 3. Source Control • More than 0 people on a project? o Extremely beneficial when with 2+ member teams • SVN most popular o Integration with EVERYTHING o Showing its age • No native branching/tagging • GIT: the up-and-coming superstar o Not as well integrated o Still new Net Perspective, LLC.
  4. 4. Unit Testing • Old and Busted: GDB, New Hotness: TDD o Test Driven Development o Write tests first, code until all tests pass • PHPUnit very popular o Based on the NUnit standard (JUnit sound familiar?) • Our Goal? 100% Code Coverage o Means every line of source code should have been executed at least once when all tests completed • Alternatives o SimpleTest, PHPT Net Perspective, LLC.
  5. 5. PHPUnit Example class StringFunctionTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase { protected $_fixture; //Run before each test public function setup() { $this->_fixture = fopen(quot;./sample.txtquot;,quot;wquot;); } //Example test public function testStrToLower() { //Object is constructed/destructed after each test //Data saved to a fixture here is not preserved for the next test $actual = strtolower(quot;SaMpLequot;); $expected = quot;samplequot;; $this->assertEquals($expected, $actual, 'comment here'); // } //Run after each test public function tearDown() { fclose($this->_fixture); } } Net Perspective, LLC.
  6. 6. Build Management • Generating AutoDoc, running UnitTests, and packaging is BORING o “Laziness is the mark of a great developer” – Me • Automate with Phing o Native PHP build system based on the popular Ant build system for Java o $ phing TARGET_NAME • Looks for build.xml which contains commands for the target o Tasks for running PHPDoc, PHPUnit, and… Net Perspective, LLC.
  7. 7. Phing Example <?xml version=quot;1.0quot; encoding=quot;UTF-8quot;?> <project name=quot;Latitudequot; default=quot;distquot; basedir=quot;.quot;> <target name=quot;testquot;> <phpunit2 haltonfailure=“truequot; haltonerror=“truequot; printsummary=quot;truequot;> <batchtest classpath=quot;${project.basedir}/libquot;> <fileset dir=quot;${project.basedir}/testsquot;> <include name=quot;RouteTest.phpquot; /> <include name=quot;DispatcherTest.phpquot; /> </fileset> </batchtest> </phpunit2> </target> <target name=quot;docquot; depends=quot;testquot;> <phpdoc title=quot;Latitude API Documentation“ destdir=quot;${project.basedir}/docs/“ > <fileset dir=quot;${project.basedir}/libquot; > <include name=quot;**/*.phpquot; /> </fileset> </phpdoc> </target> <target name=quot;distquot; depends=quot;testquot;> <tar destfile=quot;${project.basedir}/builds/latitude.tar.gzquot; compression=quot;gzipquot;> <fileset dir=quot;${project.basedir}quot;> <exclude name=quot;**/.svnquot; /> </fileset> </tar> </target> </project> Net Perspective, LLC.
  8. 8. Database Versioning • DBDeploy o Every change to the database structure is in its own .sql file • Each file contains the SQL to perform changes and SQL to roll back those changes o Revision information is stored in a table o Written in Java, Phing has a native port built in o Only version structure changes and default values • Don’t version test and sample data! Net Perspective, LLC.
  9. 9. DBDeploy Example db/deltas/1-REVISION_COMMENT.sql --// CREATE TABLE `sample` ( `id` INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT , PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE = InnoDB; --//@UNDO DROP TABLE `sample`; --// Net Perspective, LLC.
  10. 10. Continuous Integration • Wraps everything up… o Ties in Versioning, Build Management, Unit Testing, [Auto generated Documentation, ] and Database Versioning o Xinc ( (a pure PHP solution) • CruiseControl would be the “original” • What happens? o CI monitors SVN working copy o On update, run specified build script (Phing) • Phing generates UnitTest reports, API documentation, and archive files • Deployment code (upload to live server?) • UnitTest fails? Build fails o Store “artifacts” (generated reports, etc.) for each build Net Perspective, LLC.
  11. 11. Xinc Interface Notice the Deliverable and Documentation artifacts Net Perspective, LLC.
  12. 12. In Conclusion Charts Are Useless Pac Man Blinky Net Perspective, LLC.