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LAL One 2011 2012


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This presentation includes procedures and policies for LAL One.

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LAL One 2011 2012

  1. 1. Language Arts Literacy OneRoom 320 - Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh
  2. 2. Today you will learn about:Course ContentAcademic ExpectationsClassroom ProceduresDiagnostic Test (Literary Terms)
  3. 3. You must take notes andbe familiar with thepolicies outlined within.
  4. 4. Course Content
  5. 5. SkillsYou will be expected to acquire and use thefollowing skills in this course: Reading Strategies Vocabulary and Concept Development Comprehension and Response to Texts Inquiry and Research Writing as a Process and Product Mechanics and Spelling Discussion and Questioning Active Listening and Note-Taking
  6. 6. TextsCore Anthology - Elements of Literature,3rd EditionSupplemental Anthologies - PerfectionLearning SeriesNovels - The Outsiders, GreatExpectations, Fahrenheit 451, Joy LuckClubIndependent Choices
  7. 7. HighlightsRomeo and JulietThe OdysseyCask of AmontilladoThe Most Dangerous GameHarrison Bergeron
  8. 8. WritingPersuasive One-Act PlayExpository Personal NarrativeShort Story SpeechReview JournalsLiterary Response Research PaperPoetry Literary Analysis
  9. 9. Academic Expectations
  10. 10. Academic SuccessBe in class.Complete work on time.Establish time management.Maximize study habits.Become an active learner.
  11. 11. See your teacher outside the classroom.Visit your guidance counselor.Find your motivation.Balance your emotions.Minimize distractions.
  12. 12. GradingClass Participation/Assignments 15%Homework 15%Projects 30%Tests/Quizzes 40%
  13. 13. Formatting AssignmentsLabel all papers with the headingAssume all assignments are typed, unlessnotedHandwritten assignments must be in penAcceptable fonts: Size 10/12, Arial,Garamond, Times New RomanMargins: 1”
  14. 14. The HeadingName DateLAL One Block # Title of Assignment
  15. 15. The Daily TenAttendance PenParticipation UniformNotebook BehaviorJournal ClassworkTexts Do Now
  16. 16. You Need...2 Composition Notebooks One for classwork/homework One as a journalNumber the pagesKeep a table of contents in the frontDate all pages
  17. 17. Note TakingAll notes should be taken in the CornellNote Taking FormatYou are expected to take notes in classand on any reading you doNotes are checked as homework and asclass work
  18. 18. Classroom Procedures
  19. 19. What to KnowExpectations Leaving ClassConsequences AbsenteeismChain of ActionEntering ClassEntering Class LateDuring Class
  20. 20. Expectations1.Follow the Daily Ten.2.Be respectful to yourself, others, and all property.3.Follow the High School & District Codes of Conduct and Homework Policies.
  21. 21. ConsequencesPositive Negative1. Excellent grades. 1. Verbal warnings.2. Outstanding recommendations for colleges, 2. Behavior, and programs. 4. 8:00 am Detention.3. A safe environment conducive to learning. 5. Parental Notification/4. Lots of praise! Conference.5. More group and interactive projects. 6. CIT Write-Up6. Knowledge for school, college, and theworkplace.
  22. 22. Chain of Action 1. Verbal warning, seat change, and/or behavior assignment. 2. Action plan, 8:00 am detention, and/or parental notification. 3. CIT Write-Up.Severity Clause 1. Automatic CIT Write-Up. 2. Removal by security.
  23. 23. Entering Class1.Enter quietly.2.Go to your assigned seat and take out the materials you need for the block.3.Begin working on the assignment posted on the board, referred to as a “Do Now,” or, if there is no “Do Now,” begin free writing in your Journal.
  24. 24. Entering Class Late1.Enter quietly with a late pass from your CIT (if available).2.Sign the late book; if you do not, you could be marked absent.3.Begin working immediately.
  25. 25. During Class1.No one may leave the class during class time unless they have a pass from a guidance counselor or other faculty member to leave the room, or there is an immediate emergency.2.Pay close attention to the class assignment. Ask questions if you are confused about directions and participate often!3.Complete all in class assignments to the best of your ability.4.Follow the rules of the classroom, school, and district.
  26. 26. Leaving Class1.The bell does not dismiss you, I dismiss you.2.Do not leave class until you have received your homework assignment and materials.3.Do not start packing up before the bell rings.
  27. 27. AbsenteeismYou are expected to get missed assignments, projects, andnotes when you are absent. This is solely yourresponsibility.Excused absences include those with medical or legalexcuses.If you are absent 18 times you fail this course.For everyday you are absent with an excuse, you haveone day to make up the work.Unexcused absentees are expected to hand work in ontime.