The war of ideologies


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A thought provoking for all PAKISTANI's

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The war of ideologies

  1. 1. The War Of IdeologiesPakistan, this one word is our identity, our sole reason of existence, the motivational factor for passingthrough troubled times. It is said that every cloud has a silver lining, that even the darkest of nights isfollowed by the light of the day. Just kindle a ray of hope and never let it burn out.Inception of PAKISTAN bears witness to the tireless efforts on behalf of our neighbor and non-neighborsto dismantle its basic foundation. Be it the division of resources or deciding the faith of sovereign stateslike Kashmir, INJUSTICE and DICOTOMY is the bottom line of the story. At first the perception must havebeen that a weakened Pakistan will be a soft target to be militarily overwhelmed. But may be in theirblind trust on their military might, they had forgotten that we sacrificed our individual identities for asingle one, PAKISTAN. And they did learn it the hard way at the hands of our forces and people. So theychanged their strategies. Remember it was not just our neighbor but the non-neighbors as well whonever wanted us to survive this long. So they studied us, divided us on ethnic, linguistic and regionalgrounds and we got divided. They invaded our homes through their media at first. Invaded andcorrupted our thoughts. Targeted and polluted the youth. Confused us over why did we separate at all.Giving us the perception that living together for a thousand years has not only merged us on culturalfronts but has also made us one.They started this ideological war a long time ago. When they could not get the desired results throughtheir media, they planted their puppets inside ours. People, who pray like us, have names like us, speaklike us but deliver their message. The Indian& western agenda of this media warfare aims at:- a. Destroying the ideological basis of PAKISTAN. b. Weakening andultimately destroying the bond between forces and the public. c. Ruthlessly targeting the religious fiber holding the foundations of this Country.The TWO NATION THEORY which gave the Muslims of the sub-continent the zest and zeal to work for aseparate land for themselves is being ferociously attacked. The Indianspokesmen in our ranks and filesare corrupting the minds of the youth by disowning the TWO NATION THEORY. If you destroy the baseon which a structure stand it’s only a matter of time before it collapses.Covert programs like “AMAN KI ASHA” are an attempt to make believe that we do not need fear ourhumble neighbor INDIA. That it’s our ever helpful neighbor. SAFMA, for example, always tries to portraythe non-existing brighter side of our relations with India. But has SAFMA ever told us that what India hasbeen doing to weaken us on agricultural and economic front after failing on Military front. The answer isa big “NO”. Agricultural sector is the backbone of our economy and it’s now India’s no.1 target. But whywould SAFMA tell us something which destroys the Good image of their true place of origin.Under the Indus Water Treaty, PAKISTAN received exclusive rights over three western rivers, INDUS,JEHLUM and CHENAB.India has already built 14 hydro-electric plants on Chenab River which can block the entire flow ofChenab River for 20-25 days. In 2008, during the Rabi sowing season (Jan-Mar) Pakistan suffered a loss
  2. 2. of more than 20 billionrupees, when India blocked the water coming from Chenab. Baghliar Dam’s cost(which has been constructed over river Chenab) was initially estimated to be Rs.27 Billion but it endedup on a massive Rs.40 Billion. A huge surge, but India is so hell-bent on destroying us on economic frontthat Indian Govt never hesitated to undertake this project. Similarly the Dul-hasti Dam’s initial Cost was183 crore rupees but it ended up on 5228 crorerupess. Apart from war no country spends this muchwhen the deviation from initial and final price is so huge.On Jehlum river the story is no different, Kishan Ganga dam is to be constructed on River Jehlum. In thewords of Indian Minister for Water Affairs, Jairam Ramesh,“This project is of strategic importance to India. We will shortly take the revised cost estimates of Rs.928 million for the project for cabinet’s approval. We will have to move heaven and earth to ensure theearliest commissioning of the project”This statement reflects the Indian commitment to make Pakistan Barren. While on Indus India isspending Rs.6.11 billion just to produce 45 MW of electricity from NimmoBazgo Dam, showing Indiancommitment towards destroying our agricultural sector.After going through the above analysis, still if someone says that India wants healthy relations with usand is our GOOD NEIGHBOUR, well then we might want to look at these self-proclaimed PATRIOTS witha watchful eye.Now coming over to the agenda of destroying the bond between the PUBLIC and the Army. On one handRAW and Indian Govt are sponsoring the State Terrorism in PAKISTAN, invoking the impression thatPAKISTAN army is fighting its own people, while on the other hands security forces are directly beingtargeted on ground as well as on Media Front. The slogan that Army is consuming 80% of the budget(not the Armed forces but Army alone is consuming 80% of the budget) was first raised during the EastPakistan uprising. While the fact is that the highest percentage of BUDGET allotment that has ever beengiven to the entire Armed forces was 33% in 1999. 33% of Budget allotment, to all the three forces ofPakistan. And this has been reduced to 16% in 2011. That’s right 16% has been allotted to the threeArmed Forces of Pakistan (i.e., Army, Navy and Air Force) out of the entire budget. From this even ifArmy gets half of the defense budget depending upon the size and the level of its employments both onthe western and eastern border, it becomes 8%. Budget brief of 2011 can be googled for confirmationpurposes. The entire Army gets its pay after deduction of Taxes; Armed Forces are the only institutionswhich pays their entire quota of taxes. Every Officer pays for what he consumes, be it electricity, water,food or accommodation. Army personnel’s are not allowed to use the Army Vehicles for their personaluse. An example of the irresponsible attitude of the media towards armed forces is that when the Govtcalled in ARMY to curb the SWAT uprising, media came blazing all Guns at Army. Calls of Fighting againstIslam, killers of own people were echoed throughout the entire length of media channels strings. Butonce the myth of the so called demands of imposition of Shariah were cast away, there was not even asingle news channel who had the guts to admit their inappropriate behavior, irresponsible reporting anddistortion of facts. Ultimately the hostile plans were demolished and Army’s image restored. PakistanArmy is the only Army of the world where Officer Causality rate is the highest. Our officers lead from the
  3. 3. front. Setting example for their under commands. But there are people like Ms.Asma Jahangir, Mr.PervaizHoodbhoy, who it seems like have made it their hobby to criticize Army. Listening to them onegets the impression that if we take Army out of the equation; all the problems this country is currentlyfacing will disappear. Their childish comments, like Miss Asma Jahangir saying that Army Officers shouldsit in field only and stay away from Golf courses is like saying that Ms.Asma Jahangir should sit only inher office and do her job all day long and stay away from Media talk shows and politics. Army trainsitself hard during peace to be ready for war and if during some leisure time officers do play golf, or goswimming or play some other sport, is it a crime in her eyes? Well my humble advice to people likethese is that if they can’t be a part of the solution at least try not to be a part of the problem.You haveresponsibilities of your own, like try to improve the judicial system of this country. You can take thegeneral consensus of the public on Justice in lower levels of judiciaryin Pakistan. And then maybe youcan diverge your attention towards areas of your responsibility. She was in tears over Sarfraz Shah, butwhat happened to the tear bags over the killings in Karachi, where dozens are being butchered everyday????Now, coming over to the religious grounds, we hear SAFMA representatives calling for Secularism inPakistan. Secularism by definition is the separation of a nation, an organization or a body from religion.WHAT? Yes you have read it correctly. It is the separation from religion, Non-religious system to beimplemented in Pakistan. Now who would call for such reforms, obviously those who want to eliminatethe only reason we stand as a separate entity today. The last I remembered I was living in IslamicRepublic of Pakistan. And that’s how it going stay.The pathetic reasoning given by SAFMA representatives for imposing secularism in Pakistan are suicidalbombings, killings on ethnic groundsetc. By giving such reasons they are trying to provoke the emotionsof hatred amongstdifferent casts and groups as well as minorities, in which they are miserably failing.We all know that suicidal bombings on DAATA darbar , on Youm-e-ashooraetc. are foreign sponsored,this nation has no doubt in this. But still if someone tries to abolish the Islamic system in Pakistan onthese basis, I think it is the responsibility of Government first and then the general public to shut themup.Open aggression and insult of QuranicAyats by MarviSarmad calling them as khurafat, is this whatMuslims of today has become. Though neither she looks like nor acts like one.Hazrat Ali once said “ yehmat daikhokykounkehrahahai, yehdaikhokykiyakehrahahai (it doesn’t matters who’s saying it but it doesmatter what he is saying)”Article 62 and 63 of the constitution states that:- a) To be a parliamentarian of Pakistan you need to have faith and believe on the Two Nation Theory. b) You need to be a practicing Muslim. c) You should not be corrupt.
  4. 4. Now I ask you what is wrong with these? There is nothing subjective about this. Even if these wereintroduced by a Dictator of the time, should this be made a reason for destroying the entire constitutionof Pakistan?The Obama administration has decided to release 50 million US $ aid to Pakistani media apparently tohelp promote awareness amongst Pakistani masses about the U.S funded projects to help improve thequality of life in Pakistan. But for me it sounds more like building propaganda. And here I want toanswerMarviSarmad’squestion (when she asked, why would India want to invest in a country likethis?)with a question that why would U.S want to invest in a country like this?The war is on and we are smack in the middle of it, whether we like it or not it has already begun, withmany Mir Jafar’s and Mir Sadiq’s in our ranks. It doesn’t matter whether we survive or don’t but it doesmatter that ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN lives till the end of this world. InsAllah!