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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. We are BRAND
  2. 2. DiscussionWHAT is Trade Mark?WHAT is Brand?
  3. 3. Brand is the physical or emotionalexpectation associated with anexperience with you.Brand is what connects a businesswith the hearts and minds ofconsumers
  4. 4. Brand is the perceptions you holdin the minds of your key audiences– what they say and think and feelabout you.
  5. 5. Brand elements:Name Logo Tagline Graphics Colors Positioning etc.
  6. 6. Positioning: What is AIESEC? International youth organization that enablesyoung people to get new experience, develop professional skills and personal qualities, who are involved in organizing projects and international exchange programs.
  7. 7. Positioning: What we are doing?We organize social projects, international exchange programs, internationalprofessional training programs, develop leadership skills.
  8. 8. Positioning: Why we are doing that? We believe that developing the skills and personal qualities we giveyoung people the opportunity to influence the future of the world.
  9. 9. Brand standartselements: logo
  10. 10. Brand standartselements: logo
  11. 11. Brand standartselements: Eddie
  12. 12. One AIESEC
  14. 14. Who isambassador of brand?
  15. 15. Brand Ambassadors Set expectations Create associations Build connections Make opinions Create first opinion Deliver experiences
  16. 16. AIESECBrand ambassador behaviour Online Offline
  17. 17. Offline
  18. 18. Online• Vkontakte, Facebook• Youtube• LinkedIn
  19. 19. Right
  20. 20. Normal
  21. 21. WRONG
  22. 22. We Set expectationsCreate associations Build connections Make opinionsCreate first opinionDeliver experiences of AIESEC
  23. 23. To be continued..