2014 Trends Workshop


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Facilitate an ideation session with this deck. I chose what I think are the 5 biggest trends from Trend Watching's 2014 report. Please note, I changed TW's "Ubitech" to really be about Internet of Everything and added my own examples.

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  • This is about individuals desire to be at the center of their own personal consumption spheres. This includes individual expression and being down right narcissist. All brands claim to put customers at the center but new technologies will change the way consumers can interact with products and experience services and will shorten if not eliminate the consumer distance from the manufacturing process. Many consumers are now at ease with giving up vast amounts of personal information in return for the benefits of tailored products and services. Put that all together and that means a remodeled if not heighten expectation of centrality.
  • The Internet of Everything. The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” cisco expects 25 billion devices to be web-connected by 2015) and wearables (aBi research projects there will be 485 million annual device shipments by 2018), brands have started using cheap, small sensors and cutting-edge technology to connect on- and offline, augmenting analogue events and even products themselves in a variety of creative ways. as digital transcends the physical world it creates new opportunities for more immersive, entertaining, personalised – even multi-sensory – experiences. think vibrating underwear, light-up beer bottles, smartphone-controlled cityscapes and smart hockey goal lamps.
  • Research arm of Japanese telco NTT debuted technology that uses digital watermarks built into broadcast TV content to unlock deftly timed AR material on viewers’ tablet or smartphone screen. Allows viewers to see syncrornised and relevant content, while still watching the main screen in the background. Ex. Shopping tv program to retail website.
  • Durex condom brand marketing stunt in Australia. Disney RFID-enabled MagicBand. Data to optimize its parks and resorts. MyMagic+ vacation management system to provide a more magical (personlized & simplified) – no lines for rides, seamless payments and photos, targeted food and gift offers. Disney characters recognize individuals and wish your child happy birthday by name.
  • This is about the gap between consumer desire and business reality. Consumers increasingly favor open, authentic, refreshingly honest brands. It helps brand earn respect and build relationships. In the US & UK, “transparency and honesty’ is the third most important purchase factor after price and quality.
  • Consumers want to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, use less energy, reduce their waste and on and on…Solutions will often rely on new technologies, big data and smart apps, but they are all rooted in deep human psychology to improve oneself.
  • Constraining free will
  • Rewarding positive change
  • Consumers eternal desire for convenience is refracted through technological change. The tolerance for endless, ineffective virtual ‘assistance’ falls to zero, as consumers come to expect instant, seamless, on-demand face time with human brand representatives. Rising numbers will expect their needs to be met before they’ve even expressed them.
  • 2014 Trends Workshop

    1. 1. 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP February 21, 2014
    2. 2. TODAY‟S GOALS •Learn about a few mega consumer trends •Generate ideas as to how BRAND might leverage them •Identify strong thought starters for further exploration •Have fun! 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 2
    3. 3. AGENDA • Introduction to Mega Consumer Trends (5 min) • Present Five Trends relevant to BRAND (20 min) – What is the trend? – How is it relevant to BRAND? – Examples • Break into Small Groups by Trend (25min) – How might BRAND leverage this trend? • Present Ideas (20 min) – Does anyone have builds for another groups’ trend? • Vote on favorite three (10 min) • Wrap Up (5 min) 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 3
    4. 4. INTRO: MEGA CONSUMER TRENDS “Big, slow moving „currents‟ [among consumers] that remain broadly stable year-on-year, and can be applied across regions, industries and demographics.” – Trend Watching They are informed by and overlapped with macro trends: PESTLE (political, economic, social, technological, legal & environment) 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 4
    5. 5. THREE BROAD THEMES 1. The transfer of online expectations (abundance, flexibility, access etc.) to the „real world‟ 2. The overturning of „conventional‟ expectations (about price, time, quality and more) 3. The craving – expectation even – for consumption that makes one feel good, not guilty 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 5
    6. 6. FIVE MEGA CONSUMER TRENDS 1. YOUNIVERSE Make your consumers the center 2. UBITECH The ever-greater pervasiveness of technology 3. HUMAN BRANDS Why personality and purpose will mean profit 4. BETTERMENT The universal quest for self-improvement 5. HELPFULL Be part of the solution, not the problem 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 6
    7. 7. 7
    8. 8. TREND 1: YOUNIVERSE . Self Central 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 8
    9. 9. TREND 1: YOUNIVERSE Instant Makers 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 9
    10. 10. 10
    11. 11. TREND 2: UBITECH What if all your things could talk to each other and you? Connected Home Connected TV Content 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 11
    12. 12. TREND 2: UBITECH Connected Cars Connected Clothes Connected Experience 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 12
    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. TREND 3: HUMAN BRANDS When asked about „meaningful brands‟, most people said they wouldn‟t care if 73% of brands ceased to exist (Havas, June 2013). 90% of people want brands to be as transparent about a product‟s performance as they are about their values. Honest Flexibility 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 14
    15. 15. TREND 3: HUMAN BRANDS Bitter Truths Q1 15
    16. 16. 16
    17. 17. TREND 4: BETTERMENT 90% of consumers value the role that brands play in enabling their personal goals. Breaking Bad 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 17
    18. 18. TREND 4: BETTERMENT Currencies of Change 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 18
    19. 19. 19
    20. 20. TREND 5: HELPFULL 75% of consumers prefer customized in-store experiences to online shopping (Instant.ly, April 2013). Video Valet 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 20
    21. 21. TREND 5: HELPFULL Preemptful 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 21
    22. 22. BREAK INTO FIVE GROUPS •Trend 1 How might X brand leverage this trend? •Trend 2 •Trend 3 •Trend 4 •Trend 5 Ground Rules: No bad ideas Build vs. critique Contribute! 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 22
    23. 23. WRAP UP & NEXT STEPS •Share out ideas highlighting identified favorites •Discuss how best to move forward 2014 TRENDS WORKSHOP 23