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  1. 1. TAA40104 ASSESSMENT FOR TAADEL404B AND TAADEL301C TAADEL 404B AND TAADEL301CWestvic July2010 version 1 Task: using the example on p.52 and 53 of your Shea learners guide (TAADEL301C) prepare a short delivery plan to support yourdemonstration of a work skill. You will demonstrate a work skill with two volunteer participants who will complete the task under your guidance. Source a unit competency from your area of expertise that involves a practical demonstration component. 1. Write a SMART objective for use in your mini training program 2. Explain how you have identified the need for learning/ training-use your workplace as an example but will be simulated with the TAA group 3. How you will analysethe currentwork practice / work environment (use own as a reference) 4. List one or two work practices that will need to be analysed to meet the learning objectives of your plan-do a task breakdown /OH&S/timing 5. List two organisationalstrategies that could be used to support participants with learning needs-use inclusive learning reference here 6. Describewhat information you will need about the profile and characteristics of participants-previousexperience etc 7. Identify whether there are any OHS considerations that you should addressed. 8. Develop an observation checklistand a shortanswer quiz as assessments tools for your program- usethe K.I.S.S principle-(templates on the CD under assessment or use examplesin your facilitation learner guides 9. Devisean evaluation form for your participants to complete at the end of the training program. 10.Providea reflection on each stageof the process aboutwhat worked well and what might you do differently next time. This can be submitted at the next TAA session UseShea guides asyourreference –Facilitate Work based learning and Training through instruction of Work skills and Facilitate Work Based Delivery for this task Please submit as evidence: your delivery plan, rationale for identifying the training demonstration, profiling of learners, characteristics and copies of your quiz and demonstration checklist. At the following session provide your reflection notes on your training session.