Job Roles in TV and Film


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Job Roles in TV and Film

  1. 1. Job Roles in TV & Film
  2. 2. Management• Director: Gives directions to actors on set and editor/s duringpost-production• First Assistant Director: Director’s assistant but is in charge oftime keeping and the smooth running of all roles on set• Producer: Recruits all the crew members and delegates roles• Casting Director: In charge of casting• Distributor: Distributes the film
  3. 3. Creative• Scriptwriter: Writes the script• Director: Tells the actors how they should act• Actors/actresses: Act as the characters in the production• Art Director/Set Design: Designs the film set and providesprops• Make-up: Puts make-up on the actors• Costume: Chooses what the character should wear• Lighting Director – Positions the lighting on set
  4. 4. Editorial• Editor: Edits the footage• Director: Sits in on the edit and gives the editor directions onhow it should look.• Title Designer: Designs the opening title for films andprogrammes.• Foley Artist: Recreates realistic sounds made in the film. Alsocovers up unwanted sounds made during filming.• Post-production supervisor: Manages all the post-productioncrew and compares final expenditure to original budget.• Assistant Editor: Communicates with all post-productionmembers, passing on their requirements to the main editor
  5. 5. Technical• Camera Operator: Films the footage• Music Editor: Helps the director to decide what soundtracksare suitable for certain scenes.• Sound Mixer: Works alongside boom operator to ensuremicrophones are put in the right place to obtain the bestsound quality.• Boom Operator: Operates/positions handheld and mountedmicrophones to pick up necessary sounds.• Moving Light Operator: Controls automated and manuallighting chosen by the D.O.P.• Script Supervisor: In charge of making sure continuity runscorrectly with the script.
  6. 6. Research• Producer: Approves scheduling and locations found by the 1stAD.• First Assistant Director: In charge of arranging locations, propsand equipment, checking weather reports and the nearestemergency stations.
  7. 7. Financial• Financial Controller: Ensures that proper financial controlsand reporting procedures are in place.
  8. 8. Organisational• Producer• Transport Co-ordinator: Arranges vehicles for transportationby taking all needed facilities into account.• Casting Director: Organises casting of all the actors needed inthe film (including extras)• 1st AD
  9. 9. Administrative• Production Accountant: Manages finances and maintainsfinancial records during production.• Casting• Location• Catering