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Lizzie Raby: Critical Positions Presentation


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Critical positions presentation of previous work and my influences/motivations for RCA introduction.

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Lizzie Raby: Critical Positions Presentation

  1. 1. Lizzie RabyInformation Experience Design Critical Positions
  2. 2. Influences motivation WorkAspirations Field
  3. 3. Extreme UsersInclusively improve the situation
  4. 4. D&ADSocial Design
  5. 5. ScientificAdvancesHow do they relate to technology and the ‘real world’
  6. 6. SocialInformation Designer
  7. 7. Hands OnBetter understanding
  8. 8. Physical back into my workAspirations
  9. 9. DissertationDesigning for autistic children to make inclusive museum environments. What design strategies can museumscreate for autistic children age 5–10 years to make exhibitions inclusive?
  10. 10. Sphinx Ascender height X Height Baseline Kerning Descender heightSphinx Leading Baseline to baseline
  11. 11. ExhibitionDesigners Story Telling
  12. 12. Multi-Platform Maximum usability Royalist v Republican Cultural Opinions
  13. 13. i newspaper